Pakistan Meat Paradise – NALLI NIHARI + TIKKA in Gujranwala | Pakistani Street Food Tour!

Pakistan Meat Paradise - NALLI NIHARI + TIKKA in Gujranwala | Pakistani Street Food Tour!
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On Day 3 in Pakistan we drove from Lahore to Gujranwala, known for being a city of meat lovers! But before leaving Lahore, we stopped to eat what is one of the most beloved of all dishes in Pakistan: nihari.

Waris Nihari (Read the blog post: – There are a number of famous places to eat nihari when you’re in Lahore, but we tried Waris Nihari, tucked deep within a narrow alley. Nihari is a meat stew, and when you order, he dishes you out some meat, some of the brown stew, and finishes it off with a some desi ghee. They heated up some more desi ghee and poured it on top to complete. The best thing about nihari is that you can season it yourself with chilies, ginger, and lime juice. It’s one of the kings of Pakistani food!
Price – 500 PKR ($3.82) per dish

Grand Trunk Road – Full from a serious meat breakfast, we continued driving towards Gujranwala taking the famous Grand Trunk Road, what is one of the oldest roads and trade routes in Central Asia.

Pakora – After arriving in Gujranwala we stopped to eat some pakoras, a massive display of deep fried snacks. They were dangerously tasty.

Camel kebabs – 140 PKR ($1.05) – In the market, while walking around we saw a man selling small camel kebab sliders and we immediately had to taste them. They were incredibly delicious, seasoned with plenty of coriander seeds.

Pakistani wrestling with Inam Butt – Wrestling is an ancient sport in Pakistan and we were invited to watch a practice along with world champion wrestler Inam Butt. It was an honor to be there and a lot of fun.

Khizar Tikka Shop – For dinner we had a chance to experience of the greatest Pakistani food displays, the gigantic grill at Khizar Tikka Shop in Gujranwala. Their grill and entire kitchen set-up is impressively giant, and their food is incredibly good. I especially enjoyed the small gola kebabs and the goat chops.

Sweet paan – For dessert to went to a paan shop and had a sweet paan.
Jalebi – And for second dessert we had a huge jalebi.

Kulfi – 30 PKR ($0.22) – Finally, last stop of the day, we had a famous kulfi in Gujranwala.

It was an amazing day of Pakistani food, lots and lots of meat, and exploring Gujranwala, Pakistan.

Thank you to Ali (Pakistan Travel Market) and Saim who arranged and planned our day in Gujranwala.



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  1. Love their hospitality, i am from south india where we could rarely find the meat in the street foods, would love to visit once in my lifetime.

  2. M a vegeterrian,though i am in luv with pkstni food culture..hope to visit some day &explore pkstn lical villages,culture, frm india?

  3. well Mr WIENS…GOOD LUCK WITH DIGESTING ALL DAT MEAT ….since I was born in Lahore and live and work nearby…I try to never eat meat especially red meat from outside…its because there's been several reports regarding use of dog and donkey meat instead of cow and goat meat …
    unfortunately you're also supposed to consider downsides of life in 3rd world country like corruption, inflation, unemployment etc. alongwith just enjoying meat…maybe life isn't as delicious and fragrant as represented by sugar coated travel videos on youtube, fb and elsewhere…

  4. I follow you around Africa n ASIA n I like n comments n you never reply about 2years from micha just born I am following you know reply , I know y your fan based to huge , I love u n your family anyway ur show the world foods n culture thanks

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