Facebook is going to end all animal rescues

Facebook is going to end all animal rescues
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Our recent videos are being repeatedly blocked on Facebook… the situation has got so bad that after multiple appeals we managed to speak to someone in their team that confirmed to us that their current machine learning systems don’t make a differentiation between our work and any type of animal abuse. That is, to their Artificial Intelligence systems the abusers and the people trying to save lives fall under the same category!
Our only chance is to reach out to you, our community..
Please help us continue saving Valentina´s life by Clicking on this Paypal link:
or, help us continue saving animal lives by becoming one of our regular sponsors on Patreon HERE: https://www.patreon.com/LetsAdopt


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About the Author: Viktor Larkhill


  1. I understand that this can be a problem for you (or any other rescues) but you can use a link to YouTube
    I understand facebook to, they got many complaints from users about videos with animal suffering
    and most of the time you can't do nothing to help those animals.
    I agree people have to know what is happening but a lot of my friends are animal lovers and help where they can
    but there is a limit on what you can do.
    I have 3 rescue dogs, 2 from cypress and 1 from roemenië (my dogs before these ones came from spain) al of my cats come
    from a rescue, Greece,Istanbul,kroatië,France,and 1 from a shelter here.
    I foster 2 dogs in roemenië, I support already 2 organisations in Spain, so when I see so much animals suffering I get sad, I can't help anymore
    and many of my fb friends have te same, I hope you can understand the other side of this

  2. You have got to be kidding!! You can not show video images of vets helping animals but you can show animals being abused and killed on Facebook!!! This is so so wrong!

  3. There is no way the FB cannot write code to recognize what you and others are doing to help these animals. I believe YOU and yor operation are being stifled deliberately because there are numerous other groups are showing injuries and treatments. There are numerous HUMAN surgeries videos without digitizing them on YT

    Viktor please post any contact info you can to the FB corporation so your fans and supporters can make OUR wishes known. What you all, are doing is a Godsend to every critter you rescue and to those to adopt them.

  4. It is so sad that Facebook can not or will not see that you are truly an animal rescuer, it's all in your blood and of your team. Shame on Facebook, but i think there will come a solution for people like you Viktor! I love you for everything that you do with your team!

  5. Not fair
    They blocking yours chanls and other one not there is one chanel animal aid in india with animals hurts so badly poor dogis 🙁 and woonds are horific and they didnt baned their vidoes on fb and yutube

  6. Wow! This is horrible Viktor. Ppl are so cruel. I hope this sweet kitty can still receive help. I'll be praying for y'all. If I had money, I sure would help.

  7. I get facebook is trying to keep graphic stuff off the internet. But then again it is the harsh reality. Facebook needs to fix this. Help is so easy to get in these times because of the internet. But things like this make it so hard

  8. Vicyor i am back on wifi….sorry for all your trouble….you are only doing good…. you only do good…i always pray for you…hang in there….xxxSonnette

  9. People (incl myself) are deleting their FB accounts in their droves, sick to death with being force fed political agendas and obscene levels of advertising. I got rid of mine a year ago and I haven’t missed it at all. One of the best things I’ve ever done!

  10. Why not switch to instagram or snapchat? I promise you this is just a setback. There are many other platforms that you can use, should you decide to switch platforms. Make a video and tell us witch ones you will use so we can follow your stories and your journey or rehabilitating these beautoful creatures.

  11. Viktor, please shift your approach by modeling after one of the most successful animal rescue organizations. Hope for Paws, based in California, with 3.7 M subscriber's. Just model after their approach to video creation, ie. pulling the heart strings of other's, monetizing w/ product offerings, etc. Behind the scenes you continue saving animals lives, perhaps a loop hole could be sharing with donors & subscribers the medical/ procedural video's by their request.
    Unfortunately, most viewer's (people in general) respond to happy, uplifting stories, opposed to other's that have negative, downtrodden communication which leaves to listener (viewer) drained and/or depressed.
    Reach out to Eldad and Audrey Hagar, founders of Hope for Paws, I believe Eldad would be very helpful and welcome you with an open heart. He could share the % of injured animal rescues and how he handles them as far as social media is concerned.
    BRAVO! Viktor & staff for all your efforts and Love.

  12. Pena que yo no entiendas el inglés, me entero muy poquito de lo que dices, pero las imágenes son muy fuertes de la maldad que sufren estos animales. Ruego a Díos que siempre vos bendiga para que sigas cuidando estos animales víctimas de malos tratos. Un abrazo muy fuerte desde Brasil. ❤

  13. Oh facebook and youtube what a load of crap! U can show bullies belting up a single kid and people being hurt but you can't show a rescue group that are trying to raise money to save animals that have had the hardest of lives and now have a chance to be fixed and having a loving forever home. HOW DO U JUSTIFY THAT!!! My nanna was robbed 6 times and bashed nearly to death in the robbery. 7 cms of her skull was visible as well as her being black and blue from bruising, she also suffered a heart attack while being attacked and she was 92yrs old and very independent, she died a month later. So I could say that any type if human surgery should also be banned even the pimple popping ones (sorry to all the puss lovers). U can't do this and block these videos as there are a lot of people who watch and donate money, myself included and thru me a friend also jumped on board. This is the real world we live in and we are showing support for a worthy cause that it seems u want to just pick up the corner of the rug and sweep it under! These people do absolutely phenomenal stuff to animals that regular vets would grab the green dream needle and use that, not giving the animal a choice to survive but this fantastic place and people do and without seeing it i would never have been able to donate to animals and especially 1 that is now in his new home. Don't shut this down! We are the only hope that these animals have and check how many subscribers there are and views as well and encouraging comments and thanks to evetyone who helped. I basically don't use Facebook anymore because of this and be warned that there will be another 'YouTube" style of app that will come out and will pick this cause and believe me YouTube will be abandoned and left in the dust just like you want to do to this worthy cause! Once again please don't shut this down, people are not forced to watch, we watch because we want to help. I don't want to watch fatal accidents that get posted as there's nothing i can do to change the outcome but you still post them where people are killed, that I can't understand!!! We have a chance to be able to help animals who had no say about being brought into this world and then abandoned or abused or worse even both, they have no voice only the people who rescue them and mend their broken bodies and minds so they can go to loving homes and it's not possible without YouTube and us. This also shows other vets that they should give animals a chance instead of that green needle!

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