Kfc Style Chicken Fingers |Crunchy chicken Tenders by Mastanamma || Country foods

Kfc Style Chicken Fingers |Crunchy chicken Tenders by Mastanamma || Country foods
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Kfc Style Chicken fingers / Crunchy Chicken Tenders by Mastanamma / Country foods


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  1. Was saw,,ver very very good lam very sad about mamamastana death this mamamastana daughter must cooking in stead mamamastana good video thankyou so much please how many years old mama m astana we allsad

  2. Grandma ur great, nijanga e kallam lo intlo vanta cheyadanike vollu badda kam vesi technology perigi poyi yenta sepu bitinunchi techi tinadam ante telusu manavallaki. Kani ee vaysulo kuda meru inta opikaga chestunnaru ante mimmalni chala chala chala gouravistunnanu, mi padalaku oka biddaga namaskaristunna. Meru ayur ragoyalatho, santhoshamga vandellu brathakalani devudini korukunta.

  3. I guess she must be within forty willbe happy to learn about her marital status & children. I am fifty year old. I have two grandsons aged 6 & 6 months. My daughter is 32 years old. I became father at 18. I have one daughter & two sons. I was married when I was only 13year old in 1981. Marriage cosummated in 1984 when I was 16 year old.

  4. Grandma please tell about your 5 children, grandchildren, great grandchildren & great great grandchildren. I mean how many son & daughters. Location of your village in Guntur district such as so many kilometres from district head quarters. granny your granddaughter Ragini is really beautifull.

  5. I really hope they built her a house because her living condition was poor, hope she isn't living in the dump shuckel, anymore,
    Hope she is getting the tender care she needs at her age.

  6. she remind me of my great grandma u can see and feel the love she put into her cooking and sharing and thats what its all about sharing and caring grandma u are the real deal i wish more people be more kind to one another thanks

  7. In she's aged she just CHANGED THE WORLDDD God Bless Her "Free Cheers For Granny" HIP HIP HURRAY! but sry to say some dishes she maked I can't find those dishes anywhere here but I really want taste those dishes I wish in future I suppose to be taste those dishes

  8. When this doll grandma move her lips so innocently uff I CNT control myself I want to kiss on her cute cheeks really I want hug this janu baby innocent granny

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