ROAD RAGE IN AMERICA – North American Driver Fails and Instant Karma 2017 #24

ROAD RAGE IN AMERICA - North American Driver Fails  and Instant Karma 2017 #24
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ROAD RAGE IN AMERICA – North American Driver Fails and Instant Karma 2017 – Enjoy watching, be careful on the road!

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  1. this is so indicative of what has happened to us as a country. making a big deal, even coming to blows…over nothing, all the while we do nothing about things that really ARE a big deal.

  2. I just got back from Guadalupe Island near the Virgin Islands. Although it's a 2nd word country with stop lights only in the capital city, it was THE most polite place to drive in! Even when it was bumper to bumper traffic you never had more than 3 cars pass you before someone would let you in & if they didn't, if you just pulled out they would slow down & let you in. No horn honking, no road rage, no yelling! I have NEVER driven somewhere where everyone just didn't worry and was cool about everything! I even returned the rental car back with some obvious dings and abrasions on it & the lady just waved her hand & said "Oh, it's not that bad. Don't worry." AND…AND…they knew WTF a round about was and how to use it. It kept traffic flowing. They didn't just stop. They only stopped if a car was there & even then crept on till they could go!

  3. again with the cammers being in the wrong, the guy on the bike, yeah okay the white car was in the wrong, but never should you throw stuff at other cars, if you even cause scratch you could be facing a fine, just get over it and drive away, some people are assholes, just dont contribute to it.

  4. okay so i understand the guy driving the red mustangs frustration but he overeacted. never ever should you drive in the lanes where cars are coming the opposite way, he could have caused the black vehicle to wreck, just so he could pass the truck with the trailer, just be patient. also pretty sure thats illegal, also he was driving in a turn lane…to me thats just reckless, and he could have caused the other car to swerve..

  5. 2:11 is trying to blame the Jeep? Really? No you’re an idiot who can’t go the speed limit or go the speed which is safe for the situation. Dumb ass should’ve never gotten his license lmao

  6. im surprised you don't see people pulling guns…. i would. Jump out of your car and come running at me… you'll be diving back into your piece of shit quick as fuck as i unload on your dumb ass.

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