Dog rescue in South Los-Angeles: a cute terrier & 2 pups

Dog rescue in South Los-Angeles: a cute terrier & 2 pups
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The toughest part in this rescue was to actually get past rush hour traffic of Los Angeles 🙂

Please share this video and help us find these dogs loving homes.

You can meet these dogs this weekend at Mary’s adoption event: Saturdays 11pm-4pm at the Centinela Pet & Feed Store located at 5299 Sepulveda Blvd in Culver City.

You can also email Mary at:

Please donate to our cheeseburger fund that helps us save so many animals:

Thanks! 🙂

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  1. Thank you guys for not playing music so loud to the point where it gets annoying. Now we can actually hear what it sounds like on the scene.

  2. Don't let any one or any animal suffer! It's cruel thing to do! People and animals suffer when neglected of all their needs. let's be mature and responsible about this!

  3. Our man 'ElDude" to the rescue. It is 2019 now; and HFP is going strong. We proudly support, from NYC and urge others to get on board with this wonderful organization. The world needs all the kindness it can get!! Woof.

  4. she didn't want food…no doubt water after trying to evade the rescuers for hours…poor baby…but now will be safe forever and hope for a loving home…oh goodness….this vid. was made in 2010…WOW…I hope they have had a wonderful life

  5. My dear friends a channel called KM animal is abusing the animals that they rescue or buyed….They say that they are rescueing them but in reality they put the animals in that condition and later acts like rescueing them….Proof is that the same dog was in two rescue videos…Suspicious acting and the way they treat the animals is very abusive.Another one is that they recently disabled the comment section of every video…..Pls report this channel and its videos….Hope for paws

  6. To be honest,humans are animals…..I’m not saying that just to make a cool comment,its true though,dogs,cats,lions and more animals talk a different language..we are like them but we’re smarter……..

    I hope you liked what i said cause it was TRUE

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