Dogs Fight | Most Extreme Animal Fights | Most dangerous Fight Ever

Dogs Fight | Most Extreme Animal Fights | Most dangerous Fight Ever
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This is the most extreme dog fight you have ever seen. See how 2 dogs are fighting on streets and crowd try to stop it.

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  1. Itulah knp ak gk ska anjing.. Skalinya marah bahaya.. Main gigit.. Kalau kucing brantem disiram air bisa bubar.. Ini mah ssah..ㅠㅠ kasian kan yg item pst lukanya lmyan..

  2. All of those people are stupid you think because you do all that to the dog he would let go I swear people are STUPID!!! There are better solutions to these problems !!

  3. no matter how much there fighting dont wack a dog never you guys are just mean people never do that again you woudent like it if you were getting batted

  4. What a bunch of think twats… took around 50 totally brainless people to separate two dogs. Hitting them, kicking them and even throwing water over them but still no result. Once the dog finally did let go it was left to walk casually off to attack once again. Maybe a child next time?

  5. I could hv saperated them within seconds. They actually didnt hit him where it hurt most. You just hv to carry his rear legs and bang on his balls. With heavy stuff

  6. Just why you should punch and teaser that dog ok they are dogs they fight each other but why I prey for that dog he now have maybe broken legs or something else Now that dog he's crying about people punching him and teaser him.Think About that dog now he's crying Think about you were at he's situation Think about punching that dog and He's looking at you and say Please No Don't Punch me We must love dogs and smiling at them and WE MUST DON'T PUNCH THEM If I saw a person In the street punching a dog I would go there and Punching into the head And I would Kill him If anyone Punch a dog again F@ck You I will Get to your house and Kill you

    LOVE DOGS if you love dogs Leave A like And Let's prey for that poor dog??????????????????????????

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