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  1. Ap itne logon ko khana khilate hain…ye bahot bada neik kaam hai…Allah ka bahot bada karam hai ap par jo ye maoqa diya ap ko..warna har koi itna khushqusmat nahi hota…
    Keep it uo bro?

  2. Mashallah may Allah send you too Zannat ! You are a great person , pure Muslim and you proofed that really Islam is the religion of peace and happiness but not war mashallah may Allah give you a happy and healthy life Allah hafiz

  3. You do it all single handed.. That's so amazing.. This is such tiring work.. God bless you with His choicest blessings my friend. ❤️? Wish I can meet you some day, would love to spend a day with you and watch you at work and help you cook. ❤️

  4. What i love about you is that you take so much care of every single piece in the preparation stage. It really shows that you care a lot about the people you feed.

    Lovely to watch ❤️
    My prayers are with you

  5. Keep up the good work and you will be rewarded..Inshallah… morons and sadists are omnipresent like gram negative bacteria…get going ..bravo

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