NEAR DEATH CAPTURED…!!! [Wk 7] | Ultimate Near Death Video Compilation 2019 | Fail Department

NEAR DEATH CAPTURED...!!! [Wk 7] | Ultimate Near Death Video Compilation 2019 | Fail Department
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EVERY WEEK the newest and latest NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCES and CLOSE CALLS captured by Gopro and Camera. We’ll show you what can go wrong in life when you live your life to the extreme or just living it. All of the people in the videos survived. Enjoy our videos and don’t forget to drop a LIKE.

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  1. That pilot that pulled that touch and go is a beast. Incredibly difficult at low speeds. A lot of great pilots couldn't accomplish that in such a large craft.

  2. I sure wish every single person in the elephant clip would have got trampled. I hope they all die a horrible death.

    Great job to the camera man in this last video!

  3. Didn't watch the clip cause I know what those people do to elephants, hope the elephant killed a couple for all of the abuse it has gotten from them

  4. They should poke and beat that elephant until it obeyed them. Oh wait. they did that for months already. that is why the frightened animal was scared to the point of being destructive.
    Such a shame the smartest animals “humans” on this planet has to act so stupid!!!

  5. 7:23 that’s definitely what you shouldn’t do in that situation, he might have broken some bones you shouldn’t try to lift them up

  6. Два идиота на последнем видео. После такого падения нельзя трогать пострадавшего!

  7. I’m not sure what pisses me off more. The guy at the end who misses the money shot or Nate who doesn’t care a throw rope on the river. Nate’s an asshole and a clumsy one at that.

  8. That silly women hanging from the trunk is the whole reason he went rogue leave the elephants where there ment to be geezzz

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