Eating Thai Food with Andrew Zimmern in Bangkok!

Eating Thai Food with Andrew Zimmern in Bangkok!
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Thank you to Andrew Zimmern (, Patrick Weiland, Erin, and the entire team for the opportunity to hang out and eat some of the best Thai food in Bangkok!

Eating Thai Food with Andrew Zimmern:

00:11 Lunch at home in Bangkok – Before going to meet up with Andrew Zimmern, I had a quick early lunch back at home. My meal included some tom yum pla too (Thai tom yum soup with mackerel) and a quick kai jeow (Thai omelet).

2:06 Meeting up with Andrew Zimmern – We headed to the Dusit Zoo in Bangkok to meet up with Andrew Zimmern, and after the TV film crew arrived, I jumped into a tuk tuk and we picked up Andrew. From there, we drove around in the tuk tuk getting to know each other and started heading to the Soei restaurant area.

3:46 Soei Restaurant ( – One of my all time favorite restaurants in Bangkok, and I was extrmeely excited to eat here with Andrew Zimmern. We ordered a few of my favorite dishes including Thai crab curry, and also tom yum pla too, which is the same dish I had eaten for breakfast at home as well. One of the main snacks to order at Soei are the deep fried crispy mackerel heads, and they were, as always, extraordinary – crispy all the way through, lightly salted, and incredibly flavorful. Soei served us yet again another outstanding Thai meal in Bangkok.

9:34 On our way to Ratchawat Market – Along with Soei being one of my favorite restaurants in Bangkok, Ratchawat is one of my favorite markets in Bangkok. We jumped back into the tuk tuk and drove over to Ratchawat Market. Our tuk tuk driver, whose name was P’Weera, took us first to one of his favorite street food stalls in the market, which was hot dogs cooked in wrap around buns. Andrew and I both agreed that they weren’t the best things we tried, but luckily there was a lot more to eat at the market. Our next stop was for some Thai street meat at the corner stall where we sampled northern Thai sausage, and some crispy pork belly.

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This video was filmed and produced by Mark Wiens and Ying Wiens in Bangkok, Thailand. Check out our blogs below:


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Thank you for watching this Thai food video vlog with Andrew Zimmern in Bangkok!


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  1. Of course people will confuse sarcasm and jokes as "Being snobby". Never change youtube, keep practicing your interpretation skills because they are way off.

  2. It seems like Zimmern felt a little threatened having to share the spotlight with Mark. I guess I can't blame him since Mark comes across as a bit more charming and real.

  3. I enjoyed spending the day with you and Andrew. Tks for the great shots of food and ending with dinner with your wife Ying. Take Care.

  4. Mark your show is great! You don't need that arrogant Zimmerman. You are way better than him mainly because you are humble. I this that is what is so appealing about your show.

  5. Andrew simmon BIG YUCK YUCKY YUCK! The superiority complex he shows is more disgusting than the disgusted food showed in his bizarre food show. I thought he is bigger than this. No more of him… No more. Btw what are you doing with an idiot #markweins?
    N.b. #markweins kindly stop showing this kind of arrogant asshole in your channel. Please…..!!!! We love you and don't want to unsubcribe. Help us to love you.

  6. Just stumbled onto this video. Great video I am a new fan and enjoy all your videos. Andrew seemed a little out of touch but your personality shined through. Gonna keep binge watching and trying not to run to the fridge lol

  7. These are two very different people. We see the industry production side vs vlogging. Being around people while they’re blogging is still new to people and to be on set all day and then do a vlog for someone, that is draining.
    Yes, Andrew agreed to it but he’s also being himself. He’s very sarcastic and blunt and I appreciate it. Mark is not like that. He doesn’t joke around that way. He absorbs everything and embraces it. We’re now seeing two personalities “clash” -Andrew talking away and joking while Mark just accepts it. He doesn’t take the bait and that where we feel the disconnect.
    I think both took something from this meet. Mark learned a lot of about production and his influencer while Andrew got to be with someone that doesn’t have to rush. He was with someone who enjoys food, culture, and nature. It was a good reminder to both of them about their passion

  8. I hate this stupid Andrew Zimmermann, a disrespectful piece of trash, opens up an Asian Restaurant and called his stuff Authentic and every other Asian Restaurants he said they serve horseshit … to hell with him!!!

  9. Great video! Two people that I really admire meet up to enjoy great food. Since you've made videos with Lalo Villár "La Ruta de La Garnacha", I would like to see them making a video too. If you can please help Lalo meet up with Andrew Zimern, I'd surely apreciate it.

  10. every one here sayin adrew is disrespectfull? oh my, maybe because those are people who never watch andrew show… andrew always been this way and that how his fans love him,he doest have to change the way he react and do conversation just because he was filmed by a camera which belong to a vloger. peace of advice before you comment on this,try to watch andrew's show discover you're self that this is part of showmanship, and for mark he really have to tell himself f he was beeb offended by andew so this keyboard warriors' ignorance here will be corrected…

  11. I'm trying to figure out where in this video was the man arrogant and disrespectful. His character is the same from when he had his own show.

  12. Stay humble as you are always Mark. You and Kyle Jennerman are epitome of what to be humble. Never mine Andrew he is insecure..nobody will watch him if he is not in TV . almost all people now is in you tube..

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