NEAR DEATH CAPTURED…!!! [Wk 11] | Ultimate Near Death Video Compilation 2019 | Fail Department

NEAR DEATH CAPTURED...!!! [Wk 11] | Ultimate Near Death Video Compilation 2019 | Fail Department
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EVERY WEEK the newest and latest NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCES and CLOSE CALLS captured by Gopro and Camera. We’ll show you what can go wrong in life when you live your life to the extreme or just living it. All of the people in the videos survived. Enjoy our videos and don’t forget to drop a LIKE.

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  1. If you go hiking in an area where bears live and you have absolutely no idea how to run a curious one off, you are an idiot. If anyone one of them had started screaming and ran a few steps at that bear, it would have retreated in a hurry. Outside of sows with cubs, males in mating season, or maybe a starving one, bears dont tend to want to fight.

  2. Ah, that's a Sand Tiger shark. Very docile with a very small mouth, so extremely unlikely that it would attack unless provoked. Not a near death experience.

  3. The guy on the motorcycle who kissed a bumper? That shit was funny as hell!
    I bet he thought he was so cool splitting lanes going so fast!
    And than WHACK ???
    The bear at 1:50 was lucky.
    My dad carries a Benelli M4 when we hike in Alaska. First shot is birdshot to take out sight and smell next ones are Brenneke Black Magic slugs.

  4. 5:08 is impressive and all but is also pretty silly. All the flailing and such is a little much. Nice choreography but in a real life attack that lady would be dead as fuck

  5. I would think climbing on the very top of a mountain ridge would be more like near life experiences rather than Near death That Is of course unless you slip And fall that's definitely near death if not fatal lol

  6. First clip: if you’re a biker and you do this kind of crap, then you deserve the injury. You should also be sued by the person you hit and have your license taken!!! This driving is uncalled for!

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