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  1. Driving isn't for everyone. There's no shame in taking public transit if you can't safely drive a vehicle. Or if you're an idiot

  2. The way people just drive off after they witness a pretty bad accident right in front of them. I'm sure in that situation I would pull over to see if they were ok. Also, being a witness would be beneficial to the party not at fault regarding their insurance claim.

  3. It's hard to tell which was the dumbest driver…but i laughed the hardest when that motorcycle went down in the muddy water, lol! 🙂

  4. No puedo creer como esa gente tiene registro. Además…. hay cosas que, por favor, un poco de sentido común y sentir el vehículo como esta. Te das cuenta

  5. 05:58 with the truck taking out all the lights In the tunnel was here in my home town of Minneapolis. The tunnel had narrowed lanes for construction and semis were not allowed in. The driver disobeyed all the detour signs for truckers and he ended up getting fired.

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