Mastanamma Last Birthday| Country foods

Mastanamma Last Birthday| Country foods
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Mastanamma 107 Birthday | Country foods


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  1. She is a treasure. Does she have even a clue that she is real competition for the celebrity chefs out there? Have you tried getting her appearances on any t.v shows. I think she would be a hit

  2. Rest in peace Granny. You were the prettiest, most talented cook there. I will never forget your sweet smile and your cute laugh. Your recipes will be with us forever.
    To the grandson and his friend managing his account, thank you so much for making this channel and showing the world the incredible and priceless sweetness of Mastanamma.

  3. يارب ما تقعدنا لارذل العمر وتتم علينا وعلى مصرنا الحبيبة نعمة الصحة والأمن والأمان والسلام

  4. Wow so amazing fascinating delicious strawberry well decorated birthday ready made gifted tart .May grandma Mastannama enjoy her happy wishes and birthday

  5. ست طيبة جدا وبتحب أبنها وزوجته وزوجة ابنها صراحة بنت طيبة وماشيه بما يرضي الله وعطوفه على حماتها

  6. سبحان الله ست زي العسل ومش مركبه طاقم أسنان بتلوك الرز اللي بالخلطة وتبلعه وتقريبا ماشية على العصاير الطبيعية واللبن الحليب والجبنة القريش وربنا يسعدنا ويسعدها

  7. @country foods: Appreciate your efforts in getting the best of Mastanamma . .It was very much relieving to watch her videos . .By the way where is she from?Is she doing good now?

  8. Me mastanamma ko nhi janti thi fir bhi unse mujhe bohot pyar tha.unki sari vdos dekhti thi mujhko wo bohot achi lgti thi or aaj bhi lagti msng her a lot n cryng a lot… I love her

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