Tiger attack tiger – Animal fights – Rare white tiger vs tiger Easy fight

Tiger attack tiger - Animal fights - Rare white tiger vs tiger Easy fight
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The tiger is the largest and heaviest member of the cat family. Males of some tigers reach a length of 3 meters and have a weight of over 300 kg. Tigers can see perfectly in the dark, and according to scientists, they can distinguish colors. Bengal and Amur tigers are the largest in their kind. The sizes of these tigers can reach 2,5-2,9 meters in length (without the tail), and the weight of tigers of this species reaches 275-320 kg. The height of the tiger at the withers is 1.15 m.
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  1. Close encounters with tigers in India can give you a flavor of their grace and might. Your video brings about their ferocity- no wonder then that all animals are vary of this apex predator.

  2. Это не атака это выражение силы их рода который базируется на противостоянии с равными

  3. The white one is a male, the other one is a female, I think they're a couple and they were arguing with each other not fighting.

  4. Is it me or they look cute instead of ferocious? The two tigers at 0:50 look like they are doing the hokey pokey dance…the two tigers fighting on the rocks it looks like the one that fell and hit its side must have really hurt. The very last two tigers, the albino is a male and the orange a female, it’s cute how she’s sitting on top of him.

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