Monthly Driving Fails and Road Rage 2018 (compilation of Subscribers) #12

Monthly Driving Fails and Road Rage 2018 (compilation of Subscribers) #12
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Monthly Driving Fails and Road Rage 2018 (compilation of Subscribers) #12 – Enjoy watching, be careful on the road!
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The best collection of car video caught on Dash Cam from around the world. On this channel you will find a large selection of videos on various topics of car: idiot drivers, road rage, driving fails, close calls, instant karma, and many other collections. All pleasant viewing! Recent compilations every day!.

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  1. The last video was just a well executed plan the girl got an even better parking spot while arguing and as soon as her friend came out she rolled on out lol

  2. Motorcyclist at 1:00 got what he deserved, trying to squeeze past cars on the off ramp is selfish and reckless. Don't be an impatient douchebag and maybe you won't wreck your bike next time.

  3. To all the handicap trolls you are not a cop, you do not have the right to block people from traveling because of a minor traffic offense, also some people who don't look handicap/disabled are, sorry you are more wrong than the person parking in the handicap spot. Everyone else stop taking everything so fricken personal. It's a privalge not a right share the road shit happens and we all have bad days. Peace

  4. We get it… She parked somewhere she wasn't suppose to park… Let her know and then move on.. You made yourself look just as childish as she looked by continuing to argue with her over it and by threatening her with YouTube fame… One of these days you're going to confront somebody that has no qualms about escalating the situation and it could end badly.

  5. The parking issue, lady with the camera and "it's going on you tube" you dragged that out…pointing something out is fine, but instigating a long drawn out scream fest.

  6. Here's some advice, if you see someone who isn't disabled parking in a handicapped accessible area record their license plate and call police. Furthermore, report it to the store manager as well.

  7. The lady in the blue car should shut up. She's parking in a spot specifically for vans that have wheelchair drivers. She needs to follow her own advice. Parking where she's not supposed too. What a moron

  8. To hell with taking the video of the woman in the handicapped space. I would have been on the phone with the cops. That is my biggest peeve right there. Let the lady pay for parking there. Maybe she will think twice next time

  9. As for the last story…I use a wheelchair if I were to have been the one who parked in that spot… I-would have moved my car forward …. trying to say she’s unstructured your entry to your car really wasn’t an issue. getting your message across is one thing but …. the woman truly wasn’t blocking the handicapped spot . The real issue was that the handicapped woman ,was angry because the other was parked in a no parking zone… in my opinion they both acted irresponsibly the lady that parked Illegally needed to be spoken to buy the police not by a woman who wants to be the police …just my observation….

  10. Pretty bad overreaction by the guy starting @1:15. Yes, the other driver made a minor mistake, no accident occurred and no one got hurt. Definitely not worth getting out of the car to yell and point fingers.

  11. A lot of states, you take a video or pic of the car parked in ahndicapped spots and they will mail them a ticket. Might have ruined the chances for that one when she herself parked over the line on purpose.

  12. In the last video, the person filming was wasting their breath trying to convince the other person that they were in the wrong. It was very evident that that person did not give a damn. At the Walmart that I go to, I see people parking like that all the time. Everything is clearly marked, but people just park wherever the want and don't care. Some even park in the fire lane in front of the store while waiting for someone to come out. It really pisses me off when they do that because they think they are privilege characters, but they are really just assholes who don't give a frak about anyone but themselves. Being inconsiderate seems to be the norm now days regardless of race or gender.

  13. lmfao yappy, noisy bitch at 5:53 obviously didnt get enough attention from daddy n schoolmates in grade school

    "DIS IS GOIN ON UTUBE!!11!! UR IDIOT!!1" I woulda smacked that noisy bitch

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