Chinese Street Food HOT POT HEAVEN + RABBIT Noodles and SPICY Dumplings in China – CHILI OIL 4 LIFE!

Chinese Street Food HOT POT HEAVEN + RABBIT Noodles and SPICY Dumplings in China - CHILI OIL 4 LIFE!
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In this Chinese street food tour of Chengdu, China, we’re bringing you to eat at 4 classic Chengdu foods. Chinese cooking is some of the best in the world, and in Chengdu, China, the cuisine is world famously known as Sichuan cuisine or Szechuan cuisine. It is spicy and numbing and covered in delicious Chili oil. I moved here to Chengdu specifically to be able to eat spicy and delicious Chinese street foods.

►For addresses a full Chengdu Food Tour, visit my blog post on Chengdu street food, it has a huge list of the best street foods to try in Chengdu, China. The Chengdu food guide features all of the locations within this Chinese street food video: ►

In this Chinese street food tour video, we’re starting out with one of China’s most famous foods; DUMPLINGS. In Chengdu, they are different from the rest of China. Here, they are boiled and covered in a thick and spicy chili oil that leaves you so SATISFIED! These are some of the most satisfying dumplings ever! I must admit though, the filling could have been more plump. If you are traveling to Chengdu to eat Szechuan cuisine, I would personally recommend trying the red chili oil wontons first.

And after those amazing dumplings in Chengdu, we’re eating another famous dish in Sichuan cuisine, RABBIT. Eating rabbit is very famous in Sichuan, and here in Chengdu, locals love it in a numbing and spicy Szechuan Sauce. But we wanted to try a more UNIQUE style of eating rabbit in Sichuan, on top of noodles. So we visited a local rabbit noodle joint and ate a couple unique bowls of Chinese Sichuan noodles. The first was the rabbit noodles, where the rabbit is served to you in thin slices covered in chilies, ginger, and onions. You then pour it over top of your thick and spicy chili oil broth noodle bowl. It was absolutely delicious. The next bowl of spicy noodles that we ordered was the beef noodle soup – red braised beef noodle soup. Super delicious and spicy!

After eating those 2 bowls of delicious Sichuan noodles, we are bringing you to a nice original fly restaurant of Chengdu, Mingting fandian. The fly restaurants of Chengdu are old locations that are sometimes less than cleanly but have incredible food! Nowadays most fly restaurants in Chengdu are actually really clean and you don’t have to worry about getting sick from eating the street food. At mingting restaurant, we ordered a river carp, spicy pork blood, spare ribs, fried sticky rice strips, Sichuan sausages, twice cooked pork, and pig brain tofu. It was all incredibly delicious!

And for our final meal in this Chinese street food tour of Chengdu, China, we’re going for one of the most famous foods to try in Sichuan, HOT POT! We found a local 9 section hot pot that serves spicy and delicious hot pot and is always busy! For detailed addresses to these restaurants and street foods, make sure to visit my full Chinese food guide to Chengdu, China:


You can follow along on the Chengdu food tour map and take yourself on a Foodrangin’ adventure!

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In the next video, we’re going for even more street food around the world!

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  2. I can't wait to go to China on my own an adventure like you! My mandarin vocabulary is expanding just by watching you. Thanks so much! I can't stop watching!

  3. “Look at that, that is 馅儿。”我一直以为只有我这样的才会这么说话,没想到浓眉大眼的老外也这么说话了。

  4. 12:25的辣椒炒肉或者是叫农家小炒肉是我们长沙的。辣椒炒肉是湖南人每家每户必吃的招牌“土菜”,是最具代表性的湘菜之一。

  5. Another awesome video Trevor it making me hungry now going to Hong Kong in march and taking a few days trip to China can't wait to try some of these dishes but I are more adventurous than me I'm afraid to try things even though I'm chinese

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