Full Mutton Biryani @ 240 rs – Idrees Biryani Lucknow Uttar Pradesh India

Full Mutton Biryani @ 240 rs - Idrees Biryani Lucknow Uttar Pradesh India
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Address : Idrees Biryani , Raja Bazar, Chowk, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh 226003.

Full Mutton Biryani @ 240 rs – Idrees Biryani Lucknow Uttar Pradesh India.

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  1. Notice how he pretends to put extra meat but at the same time with all the movement he makes he drops the meat back into the pot lol all you get it’s rice and tiny piece of meat ????

  2. Idrees ka bhot naam suna hai yaar.. lekin ye log thoda setup aur hygiene par dhyan dete to aur accha hota. Pyar bhi haath se hi serve kar rahe hain jo ki bina dhaka hua khule me hi rakha hai. Aur bhi bhot sari chije hain.

  3. Ha lucknow er idris khub naam kora..kolkatar moto na holeo..anek valo..dam kom..aar kashir mangsho super kore..emni teo non bengali muslim ra chara keo valo biriyani ba mutton korte pare na..eta itihas jane..

  4. I love mutton biryani it's so delicious at this place everyone is working so hard to please the customers and the pictures at the beginning were simply beautiful thanks for sharing my friend ? ? ?

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