Japanese Food in Sapporo – MISO RAMEN + Conveyor Belt Sushi + LEVEL 40 SPICY Soup Curry!

Japanese Food in Sapporo - MISO RAMEN + Conveyor Belt Sushi + LEVEL 40 SPICY Soup Curry!
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We took a family trip, my wife and her sisters, really wanted to see the snow, so we took a trip to Sapporo, on the northern island of Hokkaido in Japan. Throughout our trip we ate a few delicious Japanese food meals (there area few more videos you can watch from Hokkaido here as well: ), but here are a few great restaurants we tried in Sapporo.

Mt. Moiwa Ropeway – First, one morning we took the ropeway to the top of the mountain to get a view. Unfortunately there was no view, but it was still beautiful.

Sapporo Junren – Miso ramen is one of the ultimate types of ramen that you’ll find all over Japan, but that originates in Hokkaido. In Sapporo there are many options to eat miso ramen, but I chose Sapporo Junren, a little outside the center of the city. The ramen, and I got extra chashu and an egg, and the spicy version, was incredibly rich and butter, and flavorful.
Special miso ramen – 1,330 JPY ($11.93)

Nijo Market – Daiichi Kaisenmaru – Nijo market is a small seafood market in Sapporo and we when we were there, we stepped inside Daiichi Kaisenmaru, a small Uncle and Aunty family run seafood rice bowl restaurant. The service is so friendly and they serve up delicious seafood rice bowls.
Mix seafood bowl – 3,800 JPY ($34.07)

Soup Curry Treasure – You’ll find Japanese curry all over Japan, but in Sapporo there are known for soup curry – a Japanese food I had never tried before. I tried Soup Curry Treasure (same place as the famous GARAKU). You can choose spicy level 1 – 40, so I had to try the 40. It was pretty spicy, but a good spicy.
Price – 1,320 JPY ($11.84)

Hanamaru Sushi – Sapporo Station – Finally, to finish off this Japanese food tour in Sapporo, Hokkaido, we were at Sapporo Station and stopped at what is considered one of the best quality conveyor belt sushi restaurants in Japan. The seafood was fresh and generout, and if you can wait out the line, it’s well worth eating at when you’re in Sapporo.
Total price – 8,763 JPY ($78.57) for 5

Thank you for watching this Japanese food tour in Sapporo and hope you have a great time eating!

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  1. seeming the Ramen which he ate quite delicious . i saw he all ate both soup and noddles but other meals he just eat a little bit .

  2. While living in Okinawa, I felt I was spoiled with the freshest seafood caught off the waters there. Conveyor belt sushi / sashimi is by far the best way to have sushi. If ever in Okinawa, do look up CoCo Ichibanya Curry and try level 10. It's not like Garaku curry but slightly sweet and so yummy. I really enjoyed your Sapporo food tour.

  3. I just found your channel. I love all your expressions while eating. You become so animated with your food. Have you ever come across something you just didn’t say “oh wow” over?

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