Street Food in Pakistan – ULTIMATE WESTERN PAKISTANI Fast Food Tour | Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore!

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Khanay Ka Scene Aala with Pepsi – “Make meals memorable with Pepsi” – First of all a huge thank you to Pepsi Pakistan for sponsoring this ultimate Western Pakistani street food tour in Pakistan, and for making it happen. It was a quick trip to Pakistan, but we had a lot of fun filming and eating a different side of Pakistani food than I tried on my first trip.

“Aala” – Just to clarify, this is a very popular expression in Pakistan and across the Indian subcontinent meaning “amazing,” or wow!

Western Pakistani street food is common, and you’ll be surprised with the fusion of creations and creativity that you’ll find. For me, part of the joy of food is being able to interact with the cooks, see the food being prepared, and then eating – and Pakistan is as good as it gets. We started in Karachi, moved to Islamabad, and finishing this whirlwind tour in Lahore.

Here are the restaurants and street food stalls we ate at in this video:

Karachi, Pakistan

Nursery Super Burgers – This place is amazing, one of my favorites. Their beef chapli burger bun kabab and their vegetable potato patty burgers and delicious. And don’t miss out on their chutney. Price – 70 PKR ($0.50) per burger

Hanifia Hunter Beef – This is a famous place in Karachi, but for me it was a little on the plain side. Price – 160 PKR ($1.13) each

Cloud Naan – Trendy yet delicious, Cloud Naan is set up like a pizza restaurant, but using naan as a base with a host of different ingredients. I loved the Philly Cheesesteak Naan. Price – about 500 PKR ($3.54) each

Mr. Burger – Pakistan’s own fast food burger chain, Mr. Burger has a unique story, and their burger is definitely better than many fast food restaurants I’ve tried. Mr. Big combo – 450 PKR ($3.19)

Biryani Of The Seas – To wrap up this street food tour in Karachi, we ate a seafood platter at Biryani of the Seas. Total price – 5,100 PKR ($36.10) total

Islamabad, Pakistan

Najeeb Spot – Famous in Islamabad for their Afghani Burger, this is a roll up of all things deep fried, and smothered in some chutney. It’s one of those 2 am foods. Price – about 200 PKR ($1.42) each

Burger Fest – Islamabad is known throughout Pakistan for their burgers, and Burger Fest is one of the best. Delicious burger. Beef Binda – 590 PKR ($4.18)

Doka Mocca Restaurant – To wrap up Islamabad we ate the supreme fries and crazy panini at Doka Mocca.

Lahore, Pakistan

Lahore Broast – My first time to try Pakistani broast, which is essentially fried chicken. The ½ Chicken Broast was good, but I really liked the degi chargha, steamed chicken with spices. Price – 290 PKR ($2.05)

Bun Plaster – Finally, another one of my favorites from this entire Western Pakistani street food fast food tour is the Lahore bun plaster. And yes, it does get its name from a wall.

Yousaf Falooda Shop – Legendary in Lahore for their milk based desserts, we tried some of their specialties, plus a Doodh Pepsi – Milk Pepsi – which is common in Pakistan.

And that wraps up this entire Western Pakistani street food tour! #Pepsi #Pakistan #PakistaniFood

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