Genghis Khan BBQ – MUST EAT Japanese Food in Hokkaido, Japan!

Genghis Khan BBQ - MUST EAT Japanese Food in Hokkaido, Japan!
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If you love meat, you don’t want to miss eating Genghis Khan BBQ when you are in Hokkaido, Japan. It was my first time in Sapporo, and my first time to eat Genghis Khan BBQ (known in Japanese as Jingisukan), and I was blown away by the quality of the lamb, the taste, and the amazing Japanese food atmosphere. I loved it.

There are two reasons why this type of Japanese BBQ is called Genghis Khan. One is that lamb or sheep is not commonly eaten in Japan and it’s typically considered a meat from Mongolia. Two is the type of grill which the meat is grilled on which resembles a Mongolian – Genghis Khan – helmet.

Sapporo Genghis Khan – There are a number of famous restaurant in Sapporo that serves Genghis Khan BBQ, but I chose Sapporo Genghis Khan, a small upstair izakaya bar and restaurant with only chefs counter seating. I loved it from the moment I sat down.

You sit down and immediately get served a plate of freshly sliced raw lamb. You then grill it yourself on the helmet grill. I could hardly believe how tender and juicy and fresh the meat was. It was unbelievable.

I proceeded to have two more plate of lamb and the ribs.

Eating Genghis Khan BBQ in Sapporo, Japan, was one of my favorite food experiences in Hokkaido.

Price – 1,000 JPY ($8.99) per plate


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  4. What is that thing on the table cooking your food? Can those things be bought in the U.S. and used on the balcony? What is inside of it that is cooking the food? So cool that thing!!!

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