Let's Get Cheesy: Fails of the Week

Let's Get Cheesy: Fails of the Week
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We are BACK with the freshest fails of the week. This week we explore the relationship between cats and cheese, we watch weather ruin a wedding, and more! Get your FailArmy swag here: https://fail.army/YTgear

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  1. Doesn't anyone else think that's a dick move, throwing cheese on those cats. If I was them, I would wait until they were sleeping and go full claws out on their faces. As for the little kid, who cares.

  2. 4:45, how about instead of filming it for your 15 minutes (30 seconds in this case) call the cops or whatever, makes me sad to see so many retards people still allowed to be part of society, it was america though, half the population is retarded.

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