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  1. ✨☝️🥰 A sparrow lover here!
    I love these incredibly hardy little birds . I took care of a whole flock of sparrows during a very tough winter. You see their habitat was replaced with a 40 story apartment building!
    At least I strengthened the flock to be able to survive and find new habitats close by.
    Most birds prefer to stay where they were born and will not go farther…my hope is that they have migrated to a natural environment close to their old home.
    Birds need our help in the bad winter months . Put out suet and seeds. Bread with peanut butter was a favourite sparrow food in the winter months!
    Feed the wintering birds ❣️

  2. The sparrow was trapped by a mouse trap, that was just on the street, but just happened to be set and ready to go off? I'm not saying i don't believe you… you know what, that is what I'm saying

  3. So nobody gonna question how a adult sparrow bacame baby sparrow then became adult again?
    Yellow lines extensions behind her beak in second clip,obviously she's not a adult.

  4. She was seeing him as parent and mate I think.
    That way she vibrates her wings looks like fledglings that ask for food from their parents. Also the way she tried to pick food out of his mouth is similar.

  5. It had to poop everywhere, right?

    Don't get me wrong this is sweet, wholesome, whatever you wanna call it, but let's talk brass tax…. it's gotta poop somewhere…

    Don't birds let one go every 15 mins or something? I know penguins do..

    Point being: wtf is his little buddy emptying his cloaca???

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