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  1. Best part is moments before, as he's walking into this bar, somehow Tom's the tallest person in whole the crowd and all the chicks are turning to look Up at him.

  2. Sandy chats the men up and then sets them up for a beat down by telling her brothers she's been called a sl@£. If the shoes fits Sandy, wear them! She certainly has a weird way of getting her kicks. Her brothers have certainly been short changed when comes to intelligence, otherwise they would've figured out she was a manipulative bi#×h long ago!

  3. "I'm not a hooker. I work in an auto parts store."

    Yet her side job implies she goes to bars in mini skirts and shirts tied above her belly button, to hook up with guys half her age. Sounds like at least a part time hooker.

  4. No one could play reacher like Tom Cruise regardless of his size, the guy in the series trys to be like cruise with his stupid one liners but he can't pull it off like Tom Cruise did.

  5. On the one sight, Tom Cruise played well, on the other side, Jack Reacher from the novel is quite taller and more muscular. I love Tom Cruise, but him playing Jack Reacher is like Jackie Chan playing Terminator.

  6. I LOVE the part where he explains to the goon , once I take out the leader, which is you , I'll have to contend with… Soooo confident

  7. Said it would be 3 against 1, but he ended up hitting all 5 of them at least once, and that blond one he later ends up breaking his finger.

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