The Creepiest And Most Unexplained Things That Are Shaking The Internet

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From creepy encounters in the woods , mysterious and strange sightings to unexplained phenomena caught on camera in this video I will analyze the creepiest and most unexplained things that are shaking the internet. Welcome to the Impossible channel where James LaFleur analyses the creepiest and the most mind blowing videos for your entertainment.

NOTE : Thumbnail is a lense flair from the camera when a transformer had a power surge , not a laser.

Narrated by James LaFleur
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  1. they expel genetically modified mosquitoes that do not transmit malaria. male Anopheles stephensi mosquitoes were modified by the British biotechnology company Oxcitec. They have been modified in such a way that a gene has been introduced into their genome that kills all malaria-carrying females before they reach maturity.

  2. In the entire life time of these people this planet has been severely corrupted,polluted, depleted, deformed, and defiled. There is not a living person on this planet would know what natural is because the definition of the word is now extinct as most species whose demise was and is caused by our greed for total consumption.

  3. The vid with the rake in the woods seems strange to me because I would have instantly told my daughter to go inside and tell her mother. Also next to my camera hand would have been a my 45. Always have protection in the woods. And if u live in them always have protection.

  4. I'm familiar with the bug clouds,but not this early in the season. I grew up in ohio, very close to Lake Erie,and the midgies,or Canadian soldiers do this every so often

  5. I live in Western North Carolina which is at the Southern End of the mountain range and the woods and mountains are at their most extreme here and what the chick said in the beginning of the video is definitely right by the way the explosion that looks like a laser is just a lens flare it's a thing that happens to a camera when there's a bright flash it was nothing

  6. I live in SC upstate mountains and all my life I have stayed in the woods by myself hundreds of times, never had anything happen but once, and a UFO scared the heck out of me. coyotes got on my nerves a few times but, nothing else

  7. The cracks in the pavement is an underground waterline is leaking, very dangerous, I've seem them swallow cars whole, high pressure water lines about 5 ft.+ Wide!

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