He Was Rescued Just In Time | The Dodo

He Was Rescued Just In Time | The Dodo
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She arrived just in time!

Erica got to the shelter right in time to save Wyatt’s life! Now he is living the most amazing life with his new family ❤️

Keep up with Wyatt, Scooty and Erica @super_scooty on Instagram!


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  1. I hate the thought of taking the life of a perfectly happy and halthy animal…. no matter which animal 😢😢😢😢

  2. That's an absolutely amazing story! We rescued our Brooklyn just an hour before he death sentence. She's amazingly friendly as well. Like all of our animals, both current and oast, have LOVED our neighbor, Wilbert.

  3. seeing him be wheeled in the cage at the beginning, knowing that he was in that temporary cage because he couldn’t be permanently held anymore, is so sad i teared up.

  4. Victor, you're much needed human in Wyatt's life for he lives a rough life! Without you he would really be lost! God bless you sir for yourself less ness and giving the dogs the love and attention they not only need but deserve as well! 🌹

  5. This is such a Wonderful rescue story on So Many Levels! Wyatt and Scooty are so lucky to have such a kind and loving Mom and also Grandpa Victor! Thanks for sharing such your heartwarming story! 🙏❤️❤️❤️❤️

  6. It brought tears to my eyes when I heard her say he was minutes away from being put to sleep. But she was there she was meant to be there and that exactly moment. It was meant to be, now he has a good mommy and a best friend 💙

  7. What a great story! Wyatt, as it happens, is an awesome companion to all, people and dogs! He still had plenty to offer, and you saved him. Now he is Scooty's hero, and yours, too! Kudos!

  8. Kills me to think how many loving animals get euthanized, like this guy almost was. (No pun intended) Ugh. I couldn't imagined any of my sweet babies getting put down in a shelter.. 😔 my parents rescued a dog from a high kill shelter who only had one week left out of two before euthanasia. So sad.

  9. Wyatt is adorable and so sad he was so close to death. He is very special looking after Scooty. Victor is a lovely man too. Thanks for sharing your story and saving Wyatt 🥰🥰

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