Best Indian Food – LAMB CHOP PARADISE + Crispiest Dosa!! | Bengaluru, India

Best Indian Food - LAMB CHOP PARADISE + Crispiest Dosa!! | Bengaluru, India
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BENGALURU, INDIA – Today we’re eating at some of the most legendary restaurants that you have to try when you’re in Bengaluru (Bangalore), India! From the crispiest dosa on earth to ragi mudde (finger millet balls) and the masala meat of your dreams!

➜ Kripal’s channel: @FoodLoversTV It was so much fun to hang out with Kripal who is passionate about food in Karnataka and extremely knowledgeable!

Brahmins’ Coffee Bar ( – Bur first for breakfast, we’re starting at Brahmins’ Coffee Bar, since 1965. They are famous for their coffee, tea, and especially their South Indian food breakfast staples; idli + vada, and coconut chutney.

Vidyarthi Bhavan ( – Perhaps the most famous restaurant in Bengaluru, Vidyarthi Bhavans specializes in their own unique style dosa that’s cooked pancake style and fried in ghee until it’s unbelievable crispy. The waiters famously stack the dosas all the way up their arms before delivering them to your table. The masala dosa here is a must eat!

Gowdara Mudde Mane ( – If you love all things meat, eat at Gowdara Mudde Mane when you’re in Bangalore is a must. They make all sorts of meat dishes including green masala chops, the spiciest meatballs, mutton fry, shanks, everything is dedicated to meat! Along with the dishes you must try their ragi mudde, a traditional staple of South India made from finger millet made into a dough.

AraLimara Paanipuri ( – One of the great parts of Indian street food culture is the afternoon chaat – a combination of small snacks usually in the afternoon that are tangy, sweet and spice. This legendary stall has been serving Indian classic chaats for decades. We tried their Dahi puri, Masala puri, Bhel puri, and Pani puri.

Namma Filter Coffee ( – Next up on this Bangalore food tour we needed to digest with some South Indian filter coffee, and at Namma Filter Coffee, they do it best!

Thank you again to Kripal for taking us on this Indian food tour in Bengaluru!

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  1. A lot of people can explain the flavours, tastes and ingredients. But only Kripal sir can explain the technology and technique behind that food and make you not only experience but also feel the food soulfully!

  2. Thanks kripal. You took him to proper places. In one of food vlogs I saw a girl(host) took foreigner to andhra hotel in Bengaluru saying it is authentic food of karnataka

  3. Another hanger on in Joel. Why he is there. All he is doing is eating. He isn't adding anything to the conversation. Just pulling faces. If you're gullible enough to let people onto your channel without contributing anything then more fool you.

  4. Now a days Tamilnadu people forget eating ragi related dishes, some people drinks ragi kool, but we have similar dish like ragi mudde its called ulunthankali, its sweet dish made of urad dal, palm jaggery, sesame oil, water,

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