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  1. People don't want to admit it, but the criminalization of dog combat has made things worse for the American Pitbull breed and society in general. That may sound crazy to some people, but think about it. Things have gotten worse for American Pitbulls than when dog combat was legal. There are way more in shelters, there are more cases of fighting Pitbulls being neglected because of the criminal element that was created in the sport of dog combat due to it being made illegal and chasing off law-abiding citizens out of the sport, and the increase in false info due to less knowledgeable people being afraid to educate people on the right way to condition dogs has led to things like bait animals. And to add insult to injury, dog combat is going on now more than ever. The laws against it only made people better at hiding it, which is only natural since there would be criminals involved which are used to hiding from law enforcement anyway. The illegalization does not seem to be helping and actually seems to have made things far worse for everyone. American Pitbulls were bred for taking on other animals. Things like bull baiting, catching runaway bulls, wild boar hunting, ratting, badger baiting, and obviously dog combat have been what they are been used for throughout their history. Dog combat is actually one of the most humane of activities, because both animals have to want to do it or the event stops then and there. And instead of letting these dogs do what they were bred to do, they are often times taken and put down by the very people claiming to care about them and rescuing them.

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