Why UNTRAINED Street Fighters are BETTER

Why UNTRAINED Street Fighters are BETTER
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3 REASONS why UNTRAINED fighters will be more dangerous to you. This week we delve into the tactics, psychology and natural ability of the ordinary person. Factors that you should consider in your self defence strategy, training, and preparation. Most people don’t know or use threat indicators. Everything you should know to understand how dangerous a threat is in self defence.

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  1. Better at what? Showing off and trying to make a scene? Lol…if they’re better than trained fighters then why aren’t they making money fighting in professional fighting? Why are YOU, an internet geek trying to make such a wild statement? Lol haaaaaa this world is fucked

  2. Its not un-trained at all its just street survival trained . Do u want to get severely hurt or even die or do whatever it takes to survive? That being said a tough street smart m'fer with alotta heart can not only hang with trained fighters but also take on most of what life can throw at em. Most of the toughest people are not in boxing or the UFC.

  3. Its pretty much when you spar someone of a different style. I use to train muay thai when I was younger but have spared a few karate and tae kwon do guys. The way they move is very different and its unexpected since you train to react to muay thai movements.

  4. Actually I was trained not to be within striking distance when an altercation may occur to avoid sucker punches. Also to expect people to cheapshot.

    I've never been in a fight and had an untrained fighter win. Usually a random guy has about 1 min of hard fighting. As a grappler I always seek to obtain a front headlock then knee.

  5. Trained fighters are capable of being unpredictable and capable become enraged. On top of that, their muscles and systems give them an advantage, because of the training. How often do you see a full fight on the street? Also, some fighters train body parts to prepare to take damage, ie neck and abs. So they have an advantage even if they get sucker punched from behind which literally anyone can do. I admit that is as far as I got in the video. I DISAGREEHEHEHE

  6. Untrained men on Ket will win most of the time lol. Chances are random aggressive encounters put you up to those people. Avoid

  7. Excellent advice, Dr Mark. I learned this working on a door solo in Kings Cross for a couple of years. Rule #1: pay attention, and rule #2: see rule #1.

  8. Excellent video, buddy. A very informative and astute analysis. Having served as a police officer for 7 years, then 11 years as a prison officer, whilst moonlighting throughout as a "cash in the hand" as a doorman, I've had innumerable street fights, and have fought every type of assailant that you mentioned. They should show your film to all new entrants to doorwork/uniformed service. It perfectly summarises the types of aggression new recruits will be facing during their first day on the job. Great work 👏🏻

  9. How do you protect yourself from someone who is unpredictable? (This video: pattern recognition..) Yes, because the unpredictable fighter has easily recognizable patterns.. eh?

  10. Truth hurts. In more than one way. Master Rickson Gracie after he rolled with entire classes white belts to black belts said the white belts gave him the most challenges because they dont have technique yet relying on strength and instincts. When actor Nicolas Cage was being interviewed about his martial arts training he kept it funny and light. But when interviewer pressed him on it Nicolas said "i have a code word and thats Action Now its a switch". When i was a teen with no training football gave me some athletism and a tackle. I remember revisiting my buddies a couple years after moving away and going to a big house party . When we went to the keg in backyard one of my buddies said we gotta go i asked why and he said because he cracked a big guy over the head with a beer bottle and hes here". I said oh ok lets go. By the time the four of had just left the house like thirty people had walked out after us my buddy who had the run in with big guy was saying sorry to me..cause he got us into the mess. Next what happened is just plain weird. First i threw him my car keys and told my buddies to hurry and get in my car.. while i back peddled with a angry mob walking towards me i said calmly that my buddy said he was sorry and we will just leave.. the big guy shows me his stitches on side of head ..it was bad i realized this was bad. Next thing was big guy swung on me i ducked and he went for a takedown which resulted in me landing my back against a passenger window.from here while dealing with not getting picked up or tripped i looked up and saw like rhe whole party was watching and yelling and big guy had alot of buddies who just wanted to fight..at this point i had begun punching big guys ribs and his injury which opened up .. when my buddies returned with my car about 20 yards away.. i just stopped punching and big guy let go of my legs stood up he waa covered in blood .. i just remember everyone looking shocked at the site of a flapping scalp .. i just kinda walked fast to my car and left. Ive had a few instances where i couldve been a goner. I had no fear. Now after 30 years in martial arts three black belts BJJ,Kenpo and TangSooDo and worked as doorman and security many ammy mma fights and eight years as a pro, mma gym owner and coach to seven guys that made it to UFC and TUF. I am very aware of what skills i have . However i am way more aware of what the other person could do too. 😮

  11. untrained people DO NOT have the advantage.,the trained fighter knows THR SAME tactics AND MORE! our musy Thai boxing school ALEAYS beat the pants off of the street fighter who came in to prove himself. ALWAYS he lost!

  12. The "weathering the storm" against someone dangerous who's going 100% is definitely the hardest bit as they could potentially end the fight quickly. I don't know if that's the most solid advice. Most street fights are extremely short lived. I think your best bet is probably to also to be quick & dangerous, but if you're failing to take them out, don't let yourself get completely burnt out while doing so.

  13. In the street when it comes down to it the fact is that person you don't know and if you get knocked out you could die by the hit itself or maybe the guys just a psychopath

  14. Really the only thing that Guy wants to do is hurt you he doesn't care about if you come out alive or not after he's done you on the other hand are worried about going to jail for potentially killing someone

  15. I just avoid people the best I can (I am insanely paranoid)… as a family man I have a lot to lose .. so I keep to myself and avoid conflict as much as possible… I only fear losing my freedom and being away from my family… stay safe folks and make good decisions.

  16. I was a doorman for several years in a college/locals bar weird mix I know. The first strike that landed solid usually won the fight. Default aggression over passive De-escalation normally prevailed. Unpredictability and raw aggression are hard to deal with unless you are prepared. The guy who confronts others has usually been there done that with success. Many times the average person who isn't looking for trouble doesn't realize they are in a fight until they are hit and by then it's usually too late.

  17. In Star Wars Luke’s Jedi nights training in the dark side to learn their capacity for aggression and hone it into righteous fury

  18. Basically be s sociopathic and go between full schizophrenic and normal in a blink of an eye! Easily done! The energy is always there.

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