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  1. Gidget got a ball and a yellow rubber chicken in the mail! PawPaw didn't know who the blue ball with handle was for! 😂 I knew right away it was for the mini! I've seen horses and Donkeys play with the yellow chicken! Can you please let him know that those gift and goodies were probably meant for the mini! 😂 "Thank You" 😂

  2. Bri just keep your chickens in their inside pen until afternoon after you feed them.. most do lay in afternoon tho. 🙂 … 😊 Buffy need a halter put on and be worked at lease 3 times a week 😊

  3. Bri I believe you did some saddles the woods or what do you put on your chickens when your rooster is playing a little rough with them and wants to get more than his dude share.
    It helps them grow back their feathers so they can put up with his duff a little more lol

  4. Punk is sweet… how your horse doing? Love pawapw want paid for his food 😂😅😂😅.. and your dad keep the eggs 😅😂… you're so sweet Bri.. pawpaw just funnying with ya 😅😂😅😂😅.. sounds like missing feathees is from roosters (?)

  5. Golden Retrievers are absolutely the best dogs. We used to have two, and they had health conditions so, consequently, years later we now have Border Collies. They are the smartest dogs ever and we love them too.

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