Guy Rescues Duckling Families Every Year | The Dodo

Guy Rescues Duckling Families Every Year | The Dodo
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These ducks nested on the 9th floor of a building, 150 feet away from water. The navy veteran that lived there thought of an ingenious plan to save the ducklings. Year after year, the ducks came back to nest on his balcony, and he has now saved about 50 ducklings!

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Some footage provided by @viralhog

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  1. You are such a good soul for this buddy.. keep it up. We need more people like you. The world would be a better place. It's cute how once in the water they stay so close to the mom. I'm assuming that's in case birds of prey try to get them. But what about bigger fish? Can they eat the ducklings???? I mean I've seen big fish before eat all kinds of stuff, they just suck what ever in if they can.

  2. Omg what a great video and sir I'm sure you faught along with our American men and women a little sunshine in this hate filled world take care mait fyi no other country has our backs then the British since wwii thanks

  3. I love what he's doing to help this mallard and her ducklings!!!!! Does he watch to see if they find a place with shrubbery & trees to sleep during the night? Ducklings don't sleep in the water. I found this out years ago when our son was given a duckling… keep up your good work by following where they end up after you take them to the water.❤

  4. An Idea…❤
    APPARENTLY, SHE LOVES That Flower Bed Container.

    Is there Anyway…You and a few people, MOVE it to a SAFE AREA Closer to Water
    Under a Tree maybe , to see if she will go to it Next year. ?
    Its worth a Try.

  5. Actually there r ducks that fall 350+ feet to start their lives, and tumble down cliffs after the 350+ foot drop, there fur is made for it, the barnacle duck is one, arctic geese do too, go look at you tube videos, they do it so their babies don't get eaten by predators like eagles, their bodies are made fore it, crazy right

  6. Ducklings will be quite capable of falling from that height without hurting themselves. M=GxA so as they weigh virtually next to nothing with a wide body to alleviate acceleration they would just bounce a couple of times then continue on their way. There are numerous sea birds whose chicks make farther drops than that from cliff faces to reach the sea that harmlessly bounce when they reach the floor.

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