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  1. just asking do you know pokemon tournament DX? if you do can you be able to play it? the game Its so good, if I say so muself bc my charizard is level 85 😀

  2. Scarlet and violet are simultaneously the most glitchy Pokémon games I’ve ever played well easily being one of the most enjoyable. It’s weird it’s a hot mess but it’s a fun mess

  3. Legends Arceus is overall better-looking in style, but SV does have the benefit of improved lighting and textures (on Pokemon exclusively, not at all on terrain).

  4. Casual Pokémon fan who hasn’t played Scarlet/Violet (own it but getting around to it). Also never watched Jaiden before. Realised within seconds that yes – this was indeed a 2hr video that is EDITED. Wanted to express my appreciation for whoever went to the trouble to edit such a long-form let’s play and did such a nice job.

    Also got to really get the vibe for Violet’s introduction and really enjoying it so far. Also Jaiden is fun, good banter the entire way so far. Debating whether to keep watching or whether to save this experience for myself when I finally play it. Either way – stay awesome Jaiden. Glad I bumped into your video 😊

  5. I know this was 8 months ago and I highly doubt that you will read this but Hi Jaiden I have been subscribed to you for a few months now ( I know what took me so long) but Would you like to battle in Pokémon I think it would be really fun. Thanks for reading this message anyway you are the coolest.

  6. i would say pokemon is going forward, but they still cut too much corners, especially for the amount of profits pokemon makes as a franchise and yes, this includes leaving out half the pokedex. they could have waited with the release of this game in order to fix glitches and add pokemon

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