10 Devastating Flash Floods Caught On Camera

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10 Devastating Flash Floods Caught On Camera
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  1. More spraying some sh…on our skies doesn't help at all. Every day there are at least 15-17 of the air planes criss crossing eachother spraying something again and again…and we are being kept in darkness. We should stop their bull …..s

  2. To those folk amazed and thinking climate you know what! please investigate H.A.R.P weather weapon. Not CT…rather fact and functional. How else will Klaus Schwab and the gang get us into smart cities. Think about it people. Please… For everyone's sake. We're running out of time and collectively need confront the beast. Pray to Jesus… push for action.

  3. This is the reason why our oceans and drinking water are polluted. Animal wildlife is dying. We're killing this planet. Remember everyone, there isn't another planet for us to move too.

  4. And yet trumpanzees STILL deny the climate-change exists – they require more than just scientific-date/facts & video-evidence as it's difficult to persuade the mega-dumb !

  5. @19:10 – China – They should start by blocking off each of these river parts that flow through the town, Re-trench all of them to be 10ft lower than they are currently at, then pour in a layer of concrete in a ripple pattern focusing on the center of the path to help the water to flow and help (a tiny bit) to keep the water flowing through the canal. Adding a depth of 10ft to the canal would be the equivalent of almost adding a NEW canal because the capacity will have almost doubled. In India – the same technique should be applied to places that tend to flood. In fact, in India and China they probably should all extra canals on so the water has more of a place to go. Last, they both need to trench the ocean where the waters empty into so not only could vehicles be reclaimed but also the dirt that got washed away. Some may say that this would cost billions but don't look at it as a SNAP your fingers and it is done. It will take years so you fund it by setting aside money that can help work on this every year.

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