Nick Diaz Still In Casual Street Fights and Still Makes it Casual

Nick Diaz Still In Casual Street Fights and Still Makes it Casual
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  1. Mma fighter here and one thing sparring usually don’t teach you is how to take a leg kick. Cause there’s no way , you just gotta endure it and push through. But fuckkkk man those bitches can leave a mark. I had my coach go 25% and I swear speed was like 10% of his actual power and speed, shit left a gay bruise on my thigh bigger than my fist that went through the rainbow and changed colors every week for like a month. Red blue green yellow purple

  2. Every small mma channel has named bradley martin one way or another and his plans worked bro pulled an andrew tate and said some controversial shit to make people mad 🤣

  3. Bradley Martin is a moron straight up idiot hes factoring in weight but not skill hahahaha ANY skilled fighter a.k.a (anyone that knows how to fight) would mop the floor with Bradley. Hes unconditioned for a fight cant throw proper punches and kicks and if he does get a hold of you he has no jujitsu or grappling knowledge what could he possibly do ? Maybe and I mean maybe land a lucky haymaker flush on the chin maybe then he could win but the odds of that happening are very very low

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