Tomb Raider – All Death Scenes [HD] Compilation

Tomb Raider - All Death Scenes [HD] Compilation
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Tomb Raider All Death Scenes [HD] Compilation
All the Death Scenes for Lara Croft in Tomb Raider (2013). There are a lot of deaths that involve the same animation cutscene (such as the spike through the head) I left out because they are the same. Also, this doesn’t include generic deaths like cliff falls, or deaths from basic enemy encounters. Enjoy.
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  1. This game could easily compete with Dead Space in terms of death scene detail and brutality. I love it when games put stakes this horrific against the player character.
    Heh. Stakes. Get it?

  2. Gruesome but they added some excitement and emotion to the game, some spice. The third game could have beneffited greatly from them. It was incredibly vanilla, almost like an ant-man movie. It was ok but just a ride for kids, too obvious, predictable and plane, too soft, for any other type of audience. Or that's what I think.

  3. Seems like the devs had a fetish for this type of shit. Handling, impaling, seems a little off putting to me now years after playing.

  4. My dad said this game is very goodnight I'm stuck at the part of the game where the bad guys are with the Tories and now arrows I can't get past it😑🙁

  5. For some reason that last death really gets to me. The way he just kind of stumbles back and leaves her there with her broken neck, right as she was about to save her friend, is kind of tragic.

  6. 15 yo me: uh, look at this hot girl. with her as mc, of course i can play this game all day long without stress😏

    me after #68 death scene: 😑

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