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  1. If they asking where ur friends are- you did some shii you thought you can get away with. Take you ssa beating like the badssa you thought you were, then get better friends cus they most def let them get that lick up off you, cus you were the weakest link.

  2. Y’all are comical. White folks was just spraying 🥷 with hoses in the 70s. The 60s was hanging 🥷 and getting away with it. Anything that happens to wyte folks in black neighborhoods and schools is just the universe dishing back out what they put in. Until we start rushing in y’all’s homes jumping y’all and degrading y’all in front of y’all children and public eye then say this. Other than that you’re just talking out the side of your neck. Our grandparents and great grandparents barely could walk down the street in peace and y’all expect us to just forget about it. I don’t fw a white girl unless her parents are prejudice just so I can smirk at her parents after I just crackd their daughter cause my great uncle and cousins couldn’t without fearing for their lives or her screaming he took it when her people finds out she likes colored boys

  3. I wonder if the races were reversed what they’d be saying on MSNBC but I’m sure Joy Reid would say this is fine because of white supremacy but like I say if it were reversed she’d be screaming for burning the school down and telling this happens everyday to POC 🤦‍♂️

  4. As a middle aged black man, I can honestly say my money is on the Caucasian young lady. Any real fighter knows you should be cautious when someone is too calm. All that loud talking and mean mugging is just a scare tactic. Nowadays, calm people usually have some type of training and are waiting on you to throw the first punch so they beat the brakes off of you in the name of self defense. 🤷🏽‍♂️

  5. Blacks can't go against Italians. I'm Italian mix I speak truth. You blacks be running from actual killers. The white girl I feel bad. My people la Camorra. It's over

  6. 😭😡 where is your friend? Where is your friend?📱😂📱💀📱😱 she gonna be cold no friends for a year that’s crazy

  7. Okay my daughter (I'm black) would go ham and fuck them up. 💯

    But if I had a mixed daughter (look white) – no way I'd send her to a black school.

  8. It’s sad to say, but we see who’s going to have a bright future already😢 and then they say that we are part of the statistics, but we put ourselves in it

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