Marjorie Greene Accidentally Admits Reality, BURNS Herself At Hearing

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Marjorie Taylor Greene accidentally throws all of America under the bus in ridiculous stunt to attack migrants during nightmare hearing. John Iadarola and Jayar Jackson break it down on The Damage Report.

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Marjorie Taylor Greene says America not ‘safe’ for migrants because of ‘natural disasters’

“Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) said on Tuesday that migrants fleeing climate change were unsafe in the United States due to many natural disasters.

At a House Border Security and Enforcement Subcommittee hearing, Greene complained to Department of Homeland Security official Blas Nuñez-Neto.

“Right here, it says that you say the reason why people are coming to America today is because of violence, food insecurity, severe poverty, corruption, climate change, and…” she said. “So we have homelessness here in America. Natural disasters, talk about climate change. This is the fourth largest country in the world. We have an extremely diverse climate. We have a wide range of natural disasters.””


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  1. And is GREENE helping anyone who is homeless. GREENE is she doing anything to make it better NO she's just BITCHING. Vote her out of Congress and let's get those who want to help those in need and to move America forward.

  2. Keen to point out the problems but hasn't got a clue how to help. Like a high school homework project with no solution. Maybe she is thick!?

  3. I expect to see her initiating legislation to help the homeless since she cares so much about them.

  4. We have more problems that nothing is done.
    Ethics for those crooked justices.
    Homelessness, folks stealing, etc, etc, etc, employees can't stop them as per policy.
    Courts slapping them on the hand, and.tjose folks continue to do it again.
    Lawlessness out of control.

  5. mtg is just like donald. The minute she learns something new, she acts like she's the only person with this particular knowledge. This behavior only shows how slow you truly are

  6. MTG says that about the homelessness problem in the U.S., despite her and many others of the GOP obstructing efforts to help them.

  7. Its sad but true, but the dumbest people alive are much too stupid to acknowledge the fact just how dumb they actually are.
    Self awareness just doesn't exist in their smooth brain

  8. So then large Marge. Then why not do your damn job and help fix the proble .
    Oh wait….. now i remember, you dont give a shit about anything or anyone other than yourself

  9. You people are oh so wrong, Marjorie Taylor Greene does nothing by mistake. She is a mental Idiot and therefore whatever she does, she does it on purpose because she doesn't know any better, she is a mental Idiot !!!

  10. I know we all have a perverse fascination with train wrecks but she's just boring now, we've been witnessing this particular wreck for far too long and is no longer the least bit interesting.

  11. Her lack of self awareness is astounding. Simple match up with these comments against all else she claims demonstrates wbat a clown she is

  12. The more she opens her mouth the more she makes the GOP look even more stupid. Keep talking Marje keeping flapping ur mouth so ur party dies in 2024! She is nothing but a white supremacists treasonous traitor who needs to be exiled.

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