Typhoon strikes Guam

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People in the U.S. territory braced for the worst storm in decades, while on the U.S. mainland, deadly storms left behind destruction in Texas. ABC News’ Andrea Fujii reports.

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  1. Repent people of America for the kingdom of God is at hand 🙏 turn away from your wickedness and live☝️🙏😭

  2. May 24, 2023

    Irene Laca Imanil (real, with nevus) calling from Waikiki Public Library to inform that "Typhoon strikes Guam" is fake news. No month of May typhoon is ever recorded in GU's history. I want my father, Orlando Ferrer Imanil to live whose children are Eliot Spitzer, Attong, Irene Laca Imanil, Orly Laca Imanil, Jonathan Laca Imanil, and Myra Laca Imanil, whose grandchildren are Ligaya Charfauros Imanil, Lynnell James Bulanadi Imanil, and several more.

    Despite my prevailing condition of extreme marginalization, and poverty to where ever I am, I am en throne and none of the above names mentioned. Keep in mind that Orlando Ferrer Imanil left offspring or descendants who are globally blotted and being asked for by various nation and island leaders. So, at the death of Orlando Ferrer Imanil, remember I seceded the island, and once that island is formally seceded, don't ever use $ as currency. I once said that the only dice I can roll and knock you guys down is that $ currency. Tell Nate Berg that he's too small even if he's the in laws of Kennedy and even if he performs military coup of the islanders.


  3. Blessings to people around the world. Also to Brian Aguilar’s family as well of the other person who died in that building collapse, and speedy recovery to the others who were injured. 🙏🏽

  4. Worst storm to hit Guam in 20yrs, but not the worst in "western Pacific", 200+mph hit the Northern Marianas, 30mins north of Guam, just 3yrs ago

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