5 SCARY GHOST Videos That Will Make You SHAKE Like A RATTLE SNAKE!

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In this video, we will be taking a look at some haunted homes with very creepy paranormal activity and entities inside as well as scary TikTok ghost videos, a man whose previous owners did witchcraft inside the house causing a paranormal haunting and a shadow figure to manifest, a man who played the ouija board mobile app and conjured a dark spirit into his home, a dark black mass ghost on a livestream, and an ancient egyptian spirit ghost inside the tomb with the statue Sekhmet and an evil entity mimicking and imitating a man’s wife in this paranormal infested house, scary ouija board summonings and many more. This is the top 5 SCARY GHOST Videos That Will Make You SHAKE Like A RATTLE SNAKE!

The Depths of Despair brings you the best of the best scary, horror videos including, ghosts, demons, entities, monsters, shadow figures, paranormal events, supernatural events, mythical sightings, aliens, Mysterious, weird and horrific scenes, unexplained footage, UFOS, deep dark web content and the rest of the creepy content out there to be seen. We have it all!

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  1. The Sekmet statue sequence at 24:27 …when the photo is blurry…you can see the face is turned away from the camera but the EYES are looking right at the camera. Great capture! Pause it, screenshot and zoom in 😊

  2. 13:31 Okay, hold up, did the person emailing him about the previous owners tell him where the "something" is that's buried? Cause you don't mention that they did, yet he walks into the back yard and just so happens to go to the exact spot and then strikes gold with the first handful of shovels? I smell a rat! Then, okay so he does reaction videos on exploding sists … yea, he's got the gagging reflex reaction down pat, my point is just simply, he is already doing reactions to gross stuff, so he's practiced, right? This now means we can't even trust his reaction to the contents of the buried box.

  3. Oh my soul I've now successfully seen "the live stream" 5 times tonight on different channels 🤦‍♀It was compelling the first time, now it's just tiresome…Can't you guys feature stuff that get's emailed to you directly in stead of all of you showcasing the same channels?

  4. The Egyptian video was the best part. Many places not just Egypt are closed to the public. I never even heard of this god and I’m an art history grad. People experiencing physical phenomenon and capturing things in their cameras proves why these places are banned from public viewing. They don’t want this to get out and the notion that aliens built the pyramids, well look at the god! The ghostly image or apparition looks 100% like what we depict alien life forms look like in Star Wars movies or Star Trek and video games. That’s not a mask. It’s the creatures face. It’s very cool. Now I want to see what else they’re hiding.

  5. That box with that bird could have been buried for protection and he just let it out. That white candle is a dead giveaway it was for some kind of protection. Probably from what was inside the house.

  6. Am i going crazy ….the kids looking for the cat that apparently filmed a ghost coming out of the wall…..all i can see is a quick glimpse of the hand rail that goes all the way to the bottom of the stairs…….am i looking at the wrong thing?

  7. Ohhh another spine chilling video 👍👍 good job DoD.. keep up the good work nothing beats a spine chilling video before sleeping 🤣🤣 and Its really a bad idea tbh..

  8. those three birds represent the three faced Morrigan, Badb Cath. She is a messenger of death, the candles colors have no relevance other than mental focus . you must either continue the worship or burn it and remove the associated imagery. theres also another thing to do to completely rid the dead spirits(shades) but it requires belief

  9. On the subject of the candle and the bird…. I'm a practicing celtic pagan. That was not a protection spell gone wrong. That was definitely a satanic spell trying to summon one of the knights of hell. The candle has latin on it. Each religion has its own runes and symbols. White isn't just for protection- it can also be used to open gates and doors.

  10. Ok I see what some of the other ppl are saying, and it IS the railing and how the end that's at the top of the stairs looks as if it's coming out of the wall? The dad should've been able to debunk it, but for all we know he did?

  11. As for the second video that was a bad idea 👎🏾 messing around with the board, It’s even more of a bad thing to do with children being in the house 🏠 what were you thinking 🤔 when you decided to do that, you should have known better than that you are not a child people fuc me up with this behavior they are playing with the unknown, knowledge knowing that it can go either way why risk it. When you have to much to lose we have enough to deal with In this life how do you guys think that you would be able to deal with what is behind door 🚪 number one ☝️ in the future or so called after life,now it appears that you have bitten off more than you can chew the children are innocent 😇 and now you have put them at risk. And we don’t know how many of them are in the house 🏡 I know this too be true they don’t like to travel 🧭 alone most likely there is more than one ☝️ respectfully we as a society like to be entertained but all entertainment is not good entertainment just like money 💰 you brought this wickedness up pond your family for YouTube And 15 Minutes of Fame,I hope you get the right help and banish this sickness back to the lake of fire 🔥 un which it came ,Peace be with you and your beautiful family.Philadelphia is in the building.

  12. The guy with the bird, he needs a priest to bless the house and a chaos medium to get rid of the spirits in that house. He could put black salt all around his house on the outside and in all the corners of the house and closets.

  13. Well,I have a problem about the 4th video:The search.From my perspective,the shadow shape that the child caught just like the railings on stairs,as you can see the family has railings on stairs and the shape of them are similar too,and you can see the connection between the railing and the staircase at @5:15 clearly.So I think the shadow captured may be just caused by an angle issue of the camera.that's just my personal thought.you guys can also share your different thoughts below.

  14. Ok maybe something is burried in the garden
    Really…….bro moves over his entire garden juuuuuust where we cant see the ground through the weed, moves his shovel half a micro meter and finds it with the first thrust?

  15. As always another great set of videos but I am watching at 3 in the morning before I go to sleep. Oh yeah and by the way the first video you showed with the guys that were doing the live stream they actually now are a paranormal ghost-hunting team called the ghost Brothers

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