I Spent Lantern Rite With The BEST Characters in Genshin Impact

I Spent Lantern Rite With The BEST Characters in Genshin Impact
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It’s Lantern Rite Time, the BEST time in Genshhin Impact in my opinion, I absolute ADORE this event…



I love playing Genshin Impact, especially on stream, so feel free to come and watch the story unfold with us!

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  1. Genshin is heading into a niche of fans understanding inside jokes and enjoying awkward moments between characters… It's not a bad thing for us, but the entry time for new players seems to be closing more and more.

  2. The traveler helped save Liyue harbor, is personal friends with the members of the Qixing, and is personal friends with many of the Adepti. He has the clout to be important and stands as an important bridge between the Qixing and Adepti. Liyue is going through an identity crisis of balancing the old with new, so having someone like Aether who has friends on both sides and is neutral puts him in a powerful position.

  3. when Venti want to in to restorant Zhong Li heart voice is : Oh My Celestial, Please just a Once PLEASE DON'T LET THAT FUCKING DRUNKARD CAME TO HERE TO DESTROY MY EAR (seriously Zhong Li use all he have to not let Venti join them 🤣)

    and when Venti in Zhong Li mine is : I fucking know it i should never trust fucking Celestial 😂

  4. OMG I just realized the "friendly local" Dvorak met was Venti and that's why he spent a lot of money buying wine and placing it on the Statue of the 7 ajksfhaksjfalfs

  5. I am 100% convinced Hu Tao and Venti plotted together to put this dinner together. I can see Venti visiting Zhongli last Lantern Rite to catch up with his friends after all these years and Hu tao was with Zhongli in that cutscene so they could have met and Hu Tao absolutely seems like she knew for a time that Zhongli was Rex Lapis and would understand that Venti is Barbatos but would still treat them as random guys. She was probably ready to stir up trouble and Venti wanted to see his friends and join in, so they pranked.

  6. maybe it's just an EN translation thing but wasn't it only Paimon, Kaeya and Dain so far who broke the 4th wall? Sus???

  7. I totally love how Zhongli and Venti are so sarcastic with each other. It is hilarious! Lantern rite event is always good

  8. Considering her background,Paimon actually is the most extinguished guest here.

    Her being the travel companion isn't a serious reason at first look,but on a second thoght,it can be.

  9. I was there when this was live. Worth a watch again. dropping by another


    BTW Guizhong's dress has like this scattering effect on the ends because Guizhong was the God of Dust and gods are beings that sometimes manifest some attributes of their element/power. Dust scatters when blown by he wind.

  10. The reason why Xiao became really nervouse when Zhongli and Venti are proposing a toast is because in traditional Chinese culture, having someone older than you propose a toast to you means shorten one's life by over-indulgence, that's why on the new year family gatherings the youngest one are required to propose first

  11. Reading the quest title [A Single Harmony for an Irreplaceable Soul]

    …before the quest "Oh, cute title. Let's gooo! 😃"

    …after the quest "What?! I'm not crying YOU'RE crying! Baka! 😭"

  12. Hu Tao had previously suspected Zhongli to be Morax, so it's quite suspicious how she tried hard to prove that. Inviting Xiao along, asking him about being an adeptus, asking how Xingqiu met Venti, etc.

    Paimon also got some question mark moments here and there. Like how she completed venti's poem on the time part, and also how she takes offense to the "no sense of time", but also how she has seperation anxiety 🙁

  13. This year's lantern rite wasn't as good as last year's imo, but it was still fun! I loved seeing all the new character designs like Cloud Retainer, Streetward R. and Guizhong! I hope at least some will be playable in future!

  14. 1. Adepti are pretty much like Immortals from Chinese legends. They can change their appearance freely, they don't age, they can't fall ill (unless it's some supernatural bullshit and there is a lot of bullshit in those legends), and basically can't die unless killed. Interesting thing is that because their bodies can't change its "state" women immortals can't have children of their own which is probably why they are so fond of taking lost children from vicinity as students XD

    2. Another thing is that Chinese poetry is reaaaallly hard to translate and Hu Tao is THE MASTER of unconventional poetry XD Since there was so much of it during this lantern rite, the translators just settled up with confusion XD Awkward is the best word to describe most of Hu Tao's voice lines in English, nothing new here 🤷

    3. Twitter is hell.

  15. Hearing Xinyan sing and Hu Tao rap in japanese was amazing, I stroingly recommend to check other languages out 😀 Also: I somehow always cry on Genshin Lantern Rite. :')

  16. I like how this year's Lantern Rite brought some of the attention back to the actual festival itself and the cultural aspects of Liyue like the first Lantern Rite. Last year's just didn't have that same feeling since all the hype was on the rebuilding of the Jade Chamber and the event story was more of a Keqing story quest that just happened to take place before at Lantern Rite.

  17. Guysss, did Bran watch the Genshin Impact 2023 Spring Festival Program Fanart Livestream yet? I would love to watch the stream with his precious reaction!

  18. Now that I see Cloud Retainer's story again, isn't Guizhong's art style kinda sus ? I mean there is the stars / universe on her outfit, weirdly similar to our little Paimon and Dain … Could she be in real the god of star dust or another form of the god of time, like sand / dust time ? Mmm

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