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  1. Very nice C4. I had an '87 automatic coupe that I daily drove (year-round) in the Detroit area for 20+ years (yes, even through the snow – it was my only car and the boss wouldn't accept "I can't drive my Vette in the snow" as an excuse<g>). I always thought that dash was like something out of a spaceship. It handled like a dream – I wouldn't discount it being a fun track car (I did not have a chance to track mine). One of the few cars I've ever seen that had a cinch lock for the seat belts so you could lock them in case you were on the track (those HOLD buttons). While the HP number doesn't sound high, it moves that car pretty well. With only 23k miles this cars has a lot of life left in it.

  2. This video makes me nostalgic for my dad's final Corvette, a 1990 convertible. We took a great road trip to a big Corvette show in Effingham, IL. I'd give anything for one more drive with him.

  3. A C4 Corvette with a four-speed automatic is one of my least favorite sports cars in the world, whereas a C4 Corvette with a manual transmission is one of my favorite sports cars in the world. That being said, this one is in beautiful condition, and Bob really does have a gift for finding amazing cars.

  4. loves me a C4! this one is mint for 37 years old! wicked Bob! nice find bub! get a corvette black book, it will serve you well. this is a rare convertible esp with the 4sp

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