Guy Rescues A Stray Cat Every Time He Leaves The House | The Dodo Heroes

Guy Rescues A Stray Cat Every Time He Leaves The House  | The Dodo Heroes
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Guy can’t stop rescuing stray cats so he rents another apartment just for them 💙

To help Yassine save more cats, you can donate here: Keep up with Yassine’s adventures on TikTok:, Instagram:, and YouTube:

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For the love of animals. Pass it on.
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  1. Man's has 70+ cats. Dude leave some space in heaven for us. On a more positive note. Love this so much. Set up a gofundme or sumn

  2. Thank you for helping them!!! 🥰
    It is very humbling to finally see someone helping them …however, have they been spayed & neutered?? Because the problem continues if they aren't, just in different locations (if 'adopted').. &/or inbreeding within the colony/colonies. 🥺
    Also, FIV is a very real problem. New additions should be tested for it. They can't be around non-FIV cats because it is extremely easily contracted by other cats. They need to be kept apart from others until they are tested & forever..if positive.
    The whole colony needs to be tested before adding more. 😥

  3. My brother from another mother. I rescued 14 cats and kittens in arizona before i moved to centeral il, then got 7 new homes, kept the rest, then nov 2022 found 2 mama that lost their litters and 1 kitten was a girl. I cant let them suffer. I even feed my towns ferals. And would rather have them safe.

  4. You are basically my 'spirit animal', lol! I currently have 34 cats in my house, 6 who refuse to come inside but live in our 3 acre yard, and about 60 more in 3 colonies throughout our island that I feed and care for daily. It is difficult to afford their food, cleaning supplies, and vet care, but they are all so worth it.
    You are an inspiration to all, not just us trying to help strays, but a good example of true Humanity. Thank you for being such a good person. This world needs more of you ❤️

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