World’s largest active volcano erupts in Hawaii | ABCNL

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Hawaii Gov.-elect Josh Green on how residents are staying safe as Mauna Loa erupts for the first time in 38 years.

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  1. It's not the world's largest volcano if it was it would of wiped all Hawaiian islands off the map and the antire world would be frozen over. Hawaiian volcanos are babies compared to other ones especially Yellowstone.

  2. Living here, unless you drive to it, there is little indication that anything is going on. That said, at night, the glow is beautiful to see and thousands of residents have driven up to mauka to get better view. So far this has been best case scenario and hopefully the flow will stop before too much damage is done. For now, I'll drink my 100% Kona coffee (best coffee in the world) and enjoy/respect this amazing event.

  3. Paradise tour helicopters exploiting our islands not one enforceable regulation with the unhealthy relationship between FAA flight standards Honolulu and this out-of-control tour helicopter industry

  4. Air quality is dependent on trade winds. Right now the winds are in their favor but it won't last forever. Kona is an air pocket where air get trapped. Isir quality can worsen on an instant. If you have lung disease go to another island. Don't risk it. Hawaii officials will not tell you the truth about the VOG because they need your tourist money. The locals also depend on it so they won't say anything to drive away business. As a someone who had lived through this in 2018 and left the island because of the VOG , I'm telling you to be careful! My lungs are permanently damaged. It's pretty but so are poisonous plants. It's not Disneyland. Tourists die all the time on the big island because they don't understand untamed nature.

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  6. Josh Greene is pro Lockdowns and anti native Hawaiians.. what a bum. As Lt. Gov he mandated that gatherings be limited to less than 10 people last year. What a joke this man

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