Every Fallout 3 Quest Ranked from WORST to BEST

Every Fallout 3 Quest Ranked from WORST to BEST
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We’re big fans of Fallout 3 here at TripleJump, and we’re in the mood to celebrate it. In fact, we wish to celebrate just about all aspects of it, working through each of the quests in the main game and its five DLC expansions… and then ranking them from worst to best. Here is Every Fallout 3 Quest Ranked from Worst to Best.

VO: Peter Austin (@ThatPeterAustin) & Ben Potter (@Confused_Dude)
Script: Philip J Reed
Video Editor: Alex Winters (@MrSteakFace)

Featured Fallout 3 quests:
• A Meeting of the Minds
• A Spoonful of Whiskey
• Agatha’s Song
• Aiding the Outcasts
• Among the Stars
• An Antique Land
• Baby Steps
• Big Trouble in Big Town
• Blood Ties
• Death From Above
• Escape!
• Finding the Garden of Eden
• Following in His Footsteps
• Free Labor
• Future Imperfect
• Galaxy News Radio
• Growing Up Fast
• Head of State
• Hearing Voices
• Holy Water
• Into The Pitt
• Not of This World
• Oasis
• Operation: Anchorage!
• Paving the Way
• Picking Up the Trail
• Plik’s Safari
• Project Impurity
• Protecting the Water Way
• Reilly’s Rangers
• Rescue from Paradise
• Scientific Pursuits
• Shock Value
• Stealing Independence
• Strictly Business
• Take it Back!
• Tenpenny Tower
• The Amazing Aqua Cura!
• The American Dream
• The Dark Heart of Blackhall
• The Guns of Anchorage
• The Local Flavor
• The Nuka-Cola Challenge
• The Power of the Atom
• The Replicated Man
• The Superhuman Gambit
• The unmarked quests
• The Velvet Curtain
• The Waters of Life
• This Galaxy Ain’t Big Enough…
• Those!
• Thought Control
• Tranquility Lane
• Trouble on the Homefront
• Unsafe Working Conditions
• Walking with Spirits
• Wasteland Survival Guide
• Who Dares Wins
• You Gotta Shoot ‘Em in the Head

Featured Fallout Games and DLC/Expansions:
– Fallout 3 (base game)
– Fallout 3: Broken Steel
– Fallout 3: Mothership Zeta
– Fallout 3: Operation: Anchorage
– Fallout 3: Point Lookout
– Fallout 3: The Pitt

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  2. This was a fantastically fun list that took me down memory Lane. It was a nice diversion from the annoyances of work from home life. Thank you and please keep these coming. Would love to see other Bethesda games, especially elder scrolls games.

  3. OK I’m at I got this song now and why the hell are you complaining so much about the combat and shooting enemies but I guess it’s Pito bam

  4. The combat in fallout three is extremely satisfying with all corpses staying and rag dolls and all so I don’t understand why you bash them for the combat when killing Supermoon death rate there’s etc. are used that much fun

  5. TripleJump: Somebody once told me the vault was gonna hold me, I busted out in search of my dad

    Me: Overseer killed Jonas and decided, as a bonus, I’d kill him then Amata got mad

    (Someone continue this- 😂)

  6. But new Vegas is the like, essential post 2008 fallout and the quests are just amazing, there is one quest with 7 ways to solve it, and it’s not even a main quest it’s a silly side quest, god such a good game

  7. I'm giving this video praise in a comment that I wouldn't have otherwise left because of the correct placement of a preposition within a sentence around the 39:30 mark. So rare on youtube.

  8. New Vegas would be a fun game to see you tackle for the next one, but instead, I'm gonna recommend anything from Borderlands. Maybe do a game like Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, or hell, I'd be happy with you tackling games like the OG Battlefront 2 to see where you put the 501st missions. (The Chancellor in Peril space mission was absolute shit imo, so I'd be waiting to see how you guys landed on it)

    Edit: Yugioh: Legacy of the Duelist Link Evolution. there are six campaigns in that game with their own missions each, so you could theoretically make six videos about it given each campaign is long and comes with additional duels after you beat one person all the times.

  9. Hey, idk if y'all like borderlands, but if you are fans of the series it'd be interesting to see y'all rank the side quests of those games

  10. Arkansas was not innocent at all. He will shoot anyone who gets near and has set up land mines that would kill a normal person. I always enslave him, even if I’m going as a good character.

  11. This is, I've found, an unpopular opinion, but I actually thoroughly enjoy Mothership Zeta, for the reasons stated. I started with Fallout isometric, and was always a big fan of cheesy 50s sci-fi and the retrofuturist aesthetic. Even if they were more Mad Max they still had that old clunky sci-fi feel. Mothership Zeta delivers. Everything is chrome and steam, done on a Corman budget. It's still oddly deadly serious but the two-fisted upright American square-jaw confidence is lost in the abduction recordings. Which makes it ever better. The plucky gang of survivors aren't that either, beneficially. So I just, I dig it, a lot. I dig what they were going for.

  12. Actually wheras there were some misunderstandings with the family, the real escalation happened when Lucys brother couldn't overcome his demons, the family, in my opinion while dark natured aren't evil their just stabilizing their morality and humanity via making their own rules

  13. I'd say fallout 3 is darker than fallout 2, yknow the game where you become a porn star and play chess agaisnt a giant scorpian, not to mention the talking lizards and blatent monty python references.

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