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If you laugh you lose, good luck. #meme #memes #funny

Hope to see you over on the podcast! or on “Zedcast” on any podcasting platform!


The Flag behind me is made by OLD GLORY RUSTIC SIGN – Code “ZED22” for 10% off (all signs are hand made and take 1 month to make)

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  1. you put pineapple on pizza, i dont wanna hear it, judge not lest ye be judged, so if you dont wanna be judged for pineapple on pizza, you shut your mouth about candy corn, no right, hypocrite

  2. At an old place I had to leave the tree up my ornaments were NASCAR, MN TWINS and Vikings same with the stocking with the Wild added to the collection

  3. Well, the weird things about Ohio is that everyone I know who has lived there either moved out of the state or wants to move out of it. Also, most of our astronauts (about 60%) were from Ohio. Which leads us to a serious question: What is so bad about Ohio that people actually want to leave not just the state but even the planet? I actually am looking for a real answer since I never lived there.

  4. I finally did it. Got all caught up. I just finished watching/rewatching every You Laugh You Lose video. I don't think you made that a punishment…yet. I did it for two reasons. First, I know I hadn't seen every episode and likely missed something good. (I did.) Second, you deserve the views.

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