The Science Behind Painting With Gravity, Gunpowder Art & More | The Theory Of Awesome

The Science Behind Painting With Gravity, Gunpowder Art & More | The Theory Of Awesome
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The Theory Of Awesome is back to break down the artificial boundary between Science and Art. That’s right, we’re going to show you the ins and outs of gunpowder art, painting with gravity & how a Lichtenberg machine can be used to burn images into wood!  Follow us everywhere for more awesome videos!

WARNING: Do not attempt to recreate or reenact any of the stunts, activities, and experiments featured in this show, which are performed by professionals or under the supervision of professionals in a controlled environment.

These activities involved many risks, dangers and hazards and the possibility of injury, death, or loss. Jukin Media, Inc and its subsidiaries, affiliates, and designees (collectively, “Jukin”) shall not be liable for any loss, injury, or damages whatsoever by any attempt to duplicate, recreate, or reenact the activities featured in this show.

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  1. Fractal wood burning is incredibly dangerous. Dozens of people have been killed and maimed doing it, because they didn't have a proper understanding of the hazards of working with electricity at those levels. You should look into it and consider pulling this video.

  2. Do not play with the fractal (electric) burning. It’s horrible that a channel that warned about the dangers of this had videos deleted by YouTube recently. There have been many people killed by this “art”.

  3. The fractal burning should have been informed about all the safety preclusions needed and to not attempt it at all unless you know what you are doing, there has been reports of several deaths because of this makeshift hobby. Using eyeglasses when your hands can touch it is totally wrong way of showing the correct gear needed for this, you are centimeters from a death generator with high voltage applications like this, as an electrician and working with high current and voltage equipment you should use certified thick insulating rubber gloves for protection and would need safety switches and grounding/short circuit protection to safeguard yourself from the high voltage these transformers produce, you only need milliseconds of time to do permanent heart damage or brain damage if you are unlucky, its awesome but it is one of the most dangerous hobbies/art to work with

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