Rani has been neutered today and she is relaxing watching her kittens play – Takis Shelter

Rani has been neutered today and she is relaxing watching her kittens play  - Takis Shelter
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  1. In USA we say spay for female and neuter for males. It should just be “fixed”! So many feral cats it’s sad. I foster so many. You must fix your cats.

  2. Spayed is a wonderful word! Rani, you are essentially emancipated from mommy duty, but you may enjoy your little ones in your paradise until you are all adopted!
    I love watching kittens play so carefree!

  3. This is good news for Rani!👍🏻 4 kids is a handful, altho ADORABLE balls of mischief, ha!ha!🤗💖 We should all practice spay/neuter, too many unwanted babies – kittens, puppies & humans too. I would rather spay a cat then see babies homeless on the streets. Rani was so lucky to have her beautiful babies in 100% safety. I don't care for the ear cuttings or belly tatoos😖but l am hoping they are asleep when it's done???
    Rani has been given the best diet for a nursing momma and it shows in such healthy babies & Rani's coat is sleek & shiney!👍🏻 WHAT a precious GORGEOUS Family. Thank❤️ You Thank❤️ You THANK❤️ YOU TAKI!!!💐

  4. It would be wonderful if Rani was adopted. She's been through so much in the past few months and come out a real winner. She is brave, strong, gentle and loving. What a beautiful sweet girl she is.

  5. So cute and playful 🥰. So different than puppy's. Love their hunting skills. They grow up so fast. Mom can relax after surgery now for a bit. Good job with them Takis 🙏

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