Theft King DRAMA & FNATI Dev EXPOSED Explanation

Theft King DRAMA & FNATI Dev EXPOSED Explanation
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So Theft King and Kane Carter got into a bit of conflict on Twitter the other day, so let’s run through that and see how things went down.

(0:00) Intro
(0:18) Theft King / Kane Carter Situation

Music Used (in order):
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  1. I mean Theft did overreact a bit but didn't Kane do literal jack shit about his audience targeting Theft King
    If I'm being honest Kane seems like more of a bad guy in this situation than Theft King

    That aside thanks for summing everything up

  2. Ever since i heard of the theft, Kane, drama i stoped watching theft, and tbh he’s done this before with mob games, where he puts mob games to be a villain (which they KINDA are for there uhhh past) but mob took it seriously so he stopped with mob, Kane is a shitposter so which makes mob angry, BUT i do think Kane could be a bit more serious about it so idk which side to be on, like i said i stopped watching theft bc hes a petty dude.

  3. Having only heard of these two just now from this video by browsing random FNAF content, theft king is blatantly in the right.
    The other guy being a shitposter immediately reveals him to be every bit as vile as theft king says. Shitposters are the fucking scourge of the planet, and they belong six feet under.

  4. LOL this video is filled with so much fucked up shit but my blood didn’t start REALLY boiling till they started talking shit about gomotion. don’t hurt my queen >:((

  5. So King has No idea how the Internet works?
    God there's something wrong with this guy.
    Obviously if you're triggered and show your reaction it encourages/begging for "I took offense to this and my feelings are hurt please stop" more trolling
    It's like he forgot what the past few years back in 2016 unlit now are like.
    I mean Holy Lord of common human sense, the we treat people has been Documented and Archives yet King failed to see and behave properly
    A lol simple lol could've ended all this and would've been forgotten

  6. So a Rick Roll from a Shitposter…
    am I missing something?
    King shouldn't be so sensitive it was a Joke
    He might been Will Smith and Kane as Rock to perfectly summarize this entire drama
    "It was joke"

  7. All this because of Shitpostting??? Really?
    Isn't the entire of Not point of Shit posting to trigger and upset people over nonsense and laugh at their Reaction…
    Kane gets my Total support
    also for being a "prick" I need a better explanation of Kane being a "prick" it's going to be subjective

  8. Outta Curiosity?
    How much Shitpostting did Kane do? If it was just trolling and mindless "bad" comments then in the Fnaf community…
    I can't say I'd blame him or I'd even care that much someone is being called out for shitpostting especially in Fnaf Community

  9. I think of all the things in this that are disappointing, the GoMotion one just breaks my heart.

    She seems like such a sweet and energetic person, she really doesnt deserve to be insulted so much behind her back. Radiance team is full of nothing but cowardly losers that I hope lose their platform and are forced to go outside and touch grass.

  10. There were people who were saying cough theft king cough in kane’s tweet about the negativity which is why he put himself in it i think

  11. I don’t agree with anything that radiance did but please quit using transphobia/ phobic, homophobia/bic, Xenophobia/bic. They mean you are genuinely afraid of trans people and homosexual people. That is different from what is going on here this is just pure discrimination. People who have these genuine fears would not interact at all with people who are gay because they are afraid.

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