Eating at World’s OLDEST Restaurant!! 300 Years of SPANISH FOOD in Madrid, Spain!!

Eating at World’s OLDEST Restaurant!! 300 Years of SPANISH FOOD in Madrid, Spain!!
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MADRID, SPAIN – Welcome to Madrid, Spain, home to the oldest continually open restaurant in the world, since 1725. Tonight I’m going with my friends Jeffrey and Hsien to go eat some of their signature dishes, and I can’t wait to share this legendary meal with you right now.

Friends in the video:
Jeffrey Merrihue (
Hsien Tan

Sobrino de Botín or Restaurant Botín ( is not only the oldest restaurant in Spain, but the oldest restaurant in the world, operating since 1725. They specialize in Spanish food and particularly roast suckling pig, which they’ve been serving ever since they opened. What’s also amazing is that their stone oven fire is never extinguished, it’s been flaming and never gone out ever since they’ve been open.

We started off our meal with a few sides and beginning dishes, some baby eels – a delicacy in Spain in olive oil, garlic, and a few dried chilies. They were excellent, although very expensive. Next we had a few vegetable based dishes, some beans with jamon and mushrooms topped with olive oil and garlic. After that I had a chance to see in the horno or the oven room the preparation of the suckling pig. It’s roasted for approximately 2 hours, basted with a sauce to increase the crispiness of the skin. The suckling pig is served in a massive clay boat sized tray and typically served onto your own individual plate. The suckling pig is delicious, and I especially enjoyed all that meat broth at the bottom of the pan.

Finally for dessert we had a milk cake and the highlight was a Spanish cheesecake.

Although Sobrino de Botín or Restaurant Botín, being the oldest restaurant in the world is a tourist attraction, they have maintained the quality of their food and I think it was well worth a visit, especially for any food lover, it’s truly a landmark pilgrimage destination.

Total price – €543.89 ($552.46) for 4 adults. The eels were very pricey, everything else was reasonable.





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  1. I don’t think it’s possible that the fire has never gone out. They would have had to have had it out for furnace repairs and upgrades which would have had to have happened

  2. 3:43 That was only 27 years after Columbus set sail for the Americas, and two years before the Aztecs would fall to the Spanish! Wow… That's an old cellar. 😯

  3. Madrid is a great place to visit. Recently spent eight days there. It is beyond my comprehension why eating a roasted 🐖 for 25 minutes makes you guys go gaga…. It is for me enjoyable to watch grown men be so enthused about food…. I know you are not alone. Personally, find the city and the culture way more interesting than food. To each his own. Kudos though for producing videos from around the world.

  4. I love seeing the expression of both of you after every bites. I hope i will make it into Spain one day. 🇲🇾

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