Funny Monkey babies – Playing like Little imps!

Funny Monkey babies - Playing like Little imps!
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Barbary macaque babies playing at Trentham Monkey forest, United Kingdom. 1080p HD video shot entirely with freely roaming monkey babies. Hope this gets into your child’s favourite videos list.

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  1. I really get a big kick watching all the funny things they do. It’s better than watching a newborn monkey. Squirming all over the place and those ugly faces .

  2. These way monkey are great nice because there is no one hurt them no abuse no cruel. All you have to do just leave them alone. Just leave monkey alone. Let is monkey be in peace .

  3. This is the kind of monkey videos I like to watch! Natural and not having food thrown at them to perform. I really dislike seeing monkeys stolen from their moms and clothes and diapers put on them. Good for you having just having videos of carefree wild animals in their habitat!

  4. Fun fact:
    We tested our covid vaccine on young monkey like this.
    Some of them developed life threatening diseases.

    Humans are ugly,we kill and exploit animals for food, medicine testing, clothes, cosmetic testing.
    But is it necessary?
    can't we become vegans and boycott all animal products, instead of commenting on youtube video on how cute they are.
    Hypocrisy at it best.
    I hope covid kills us all.

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