August 31, 1973: Psychic science, circa-1973

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What was on TV in 1973? Mike Wallace, checking in with scientific researchers who study psychics and the mystery of psychic phenomena.


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  1. If ESP was real the basis behind an Esper/psychic would be like this, this is my idea after all the data I've gathered on the human brain and general biology.

    Your aim would be to attain your own Personal Reality, a term referring to normal reality being replaced by a person's own reality, (it's a term borrowed from motivational advice about having a positive mentality), which is the basis for gaining powers that often defy normal reality but would still be based on the universe's physics. Through a series of tests, studies, lectures, medicines, body stimulation (drugs injected directly into a blood vessel, the brain being pierced directly from behind the ears) and hypnosis, a person's brain can be modified so that they can unlock their very own "Personal Reality".

    The program would use doublespeak in order for it to deceive observers of the true nature of the many tests in the program, such as "recording skills" and "memorization skills". This would be based on the observer effect seen in the double slit experiment.

    The curriculum would not only cover how to attain a personal reality and powers, but also various concepts associated with it, such as basic Quantum Mechanic principles, as well as the effects of their powers, such as EM diffusion fields. (The electromagnetic fields around our bodies) A psychic's power would be measured in the irregularity of their body's EM waves and brain scans.

    EM is not simply weak energy emanating from psychics, but the unconscious interference against reality we all produce in our body's natural EM waves because of how neurons in the body and brain work.

    An Esper's powers are controlled using complex calculations done mentally, the same as we do to command our body to move by giving it signals through the brain. Although more complex as in high tier real time mathematics.

    While the brain is an important component to esper power, it is not the only factor. The entire physical human body is also part of this system and controls the power, though the exact mechanism is not well understood.

    The Schrödinger's cat thought experiment would be used as a basis for Personal Reality, wherein an esper/psychic could theoretically choose what happens to the cat inside the box to bypass the Uncertainty Principle.

    Genetics would also have some influence on esper powers, and DNA can be used to determine esper powers such as Precognition, Clairvoyance, Pyrokinesis,  Psychometry, Telepathy, Psychokinesis and many more powers based on physics.

    The term "esper" does not automatically imply ESP, as it could also refer to someone that does not have extrasensory perception but instead influences objects in their surroundings, referred to as Psychokinesis. Abilities such as Pyrokinesis would be considered psychic powers despite the individual not having extrasensory perception.

    In extension to this, it has been speculated that there may be people who have not realized that they have powers, or that their certain propensities or idiosyncrasies, as subtle as good looks or good penmanship, may actually have these powers.

    Finally I'll Explain how articulating our EM fields through the brain in a theoretical curriculum could achieve a personal reality and thus abilities based on physical phenomena:

    Our brains cells generate electricity.

    Traditional electricity is generated by the motion of free electrons, but the electricity generated by neurons results from the motion of sodium and potassium ions across the cell membrane. The electrical signals only help to transfer information from the cell body through the axon to the synapse.

    Neurons in the human brain receive electrical signals from thousands of other cells, and long neural extensions called dendrites play a critical role in incorporating all of that information so the cells can respond appropriately.

    That electrical radiation acts as wifi because it's fixed as a specific psychic ability. Wifi is transferring code via an electrical signal. The esper's body is surrounded by their EM Diffusion Fields because the entire body carries neurons, not just the brain.

    You have hundreds of nerves and billions of neurons in your body. The nervous system is divided into two components — the CNS and the PNS. The CNS includes your brain and spinal cord while the PNS is composed of nerves that branch off from the CNS and into your body's periphery.

    [B]Why is this important?

    Because electromagnetism warps space-time.

    Magnetic field has energy and, therefore, acts as a source of gravity, which, according to General Theory of Relativity, bends space-time.

    Aside from this "trivial" (because all field have energy and, therefore, bend space-time) and indirect (by way of gravity) influence on the geometry of space-time, the more interesting question is, can electromagnetic field directly affect space-time similarly to the way gravitational field affects Riemannian geometry causing curvature. After the discovery of General Theory of Relativity, this question preoccupied Albert Einstein the rest of his life.

    There have been numerous semi-successful attempts to describe electromagnetic field through geometry by Einstein himself and many others. These included description of electromagnetic field as a torsion of spacetime, as anti-symmetric part of the metric tensor, as nonmetricity of the Affine connection (which I believe properly describes gravitational field) or through extra dimension, as in 5-dimensional Kluza-Klein theory. Despite all this effort, there is no universally accepted unified field theory today.

    Since matter carries energy (via Einstein's famous relation that energy is mass times the speed of light squared), such objects will have a gravitational field and so they will distort space-time.

    This is why a human would be able to warp reality to the point that they could achieve an ability based on the universe's physical laws based on what their genetics would code through their electromagnetic signal created by their body, such as teleportation using the 5th dimension to pass through.

    Their interference with and subsequent distortion of reality to create effects is an isolated phenomenon based on quantum theory, their observations of the world based upon their Personal Reality affecting things on a micro quantum level to cause phenomena on a macro level.

    Now that I've told you all this try to find a way to fund this in a research institution to make psychics real.

  2. You can literally control the plants or clock with hands using magnets, and those hand movements look like someone who's trying to avoid intrusive thoughts in his head(example: OCD)
    This sounds unreal!

  3. Uri Geller was proven to be a fraud live on TV back in the late 80s. He was tricked into using items provided by the TV show he was on, and failed in every demonstration he tried. I find it strange how he continued to make a career on tv after being seen by the world as a massive fraud, it was like everyone just forgot he was exposed, and allowed themselves to continue being entertained by his fakery.

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