SpaceX Booster 7 Experiences Explosion

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Multiple angles of Booster 7 experiencing an unexpected ignition during Raptor engine testing.

Video and Pictures from the NSF Robots. Edited by Jack (@theJackBeyer).

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  1. Watch the long version. Post anomaly, It looks like they lost ground control of ability to de-tank. Either they blew the switching control or the aft lox fill umbilical itself. It appears they are dumping raw lox through the mains and then that caused another propellant fire along the cross deck feed lines. What a disaster. That launch mount steel will have cracks wide enough to stick your finger in. FAA approves these Space-drunk-cowboys ? We’ll need more cash, boss.

  2. Ahahhahaha lol, I remember that the head of Roscosmos said "let them fly on their brooms" it seems to be becoming true😂
    It was a big BOOM

  3. Did the concentrated fumes and lack of oxygen cause this explosion? What I found curious is, the upper portion of the rocket released a cloud of smoke at the same time as the explosion. Watch it again and look towards the upper portion, is that a weak seam? Is that showing another questionable problem? Remember when the Challenger launched you could see a puff of black smoke of the weak O-ring that failed causing the disaster that soon followed.

  4. NasaSpaceFlight got the best angles of b7 explosion video out there. Labpadre was behind the SpaceX crane lol.

  5. If you look back to the beginnings of NASA, it was supposed to be civilian run. But none of the Aerospace Companies would risk it. So to keep JFK happy the Government took it over.

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  7. It’s terrifying that that’s Just a taste if it’s power, imagine all those engines with a starship ontop with cargo or 100 crew onboard. This is a true symbol and what people will remember about the early 21st century. None of those dinky pods.

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